When We Don’t Know If To Clap Because He Graduated College

major shout out to all those graduating this year!
sidebar: i get a lot of emails telling me the foxhole helped through college life.
glad i could join!

well someone who has graced the foxhole recently graduated.
this is what a foxholer sent me…

tyrone hankerson jr graduated from howard university.

did his case of alleged robbery and fraud ever get resolved?
i wonder if it’ll be easy for him to get a job after college?
i can’t imagine that “issue” won’t be a red flag to a hr dept.
good for tyrone tho.
i know he will never forget his college experience.
we sho won’t.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “When We Don’t Know If To Clap Because He Graduated College”

  1. I am still trying to understand the reason he is not arrested. What is going on with his case? Howard president said that there was a completed investigation. I just want some justice from the scholarship money ge embezzled.

  2. Well I’m going to congratulate him! It’s terrible that his whole college career is being questioned over social media gossip, still no one can provide any prove that he stole money, so Congrats Tyrone!

    1. Because if someone did..they’d be getting sued. I’m sure there are receipts for him and the others…it will all be revealed in time.
      He graduated, let him enjoy the moment.

  3. Howard is probably very conscious of their reputation and they don’t want people to know how effed up things are.

    I imagine if he was being falsely accused the university would clear his name so I’m assuming they’re still investigating.

    In any event, people congratulating him on finessing the system are dumb. Have we really spiraled so low as a people we celebrate stealing from other black people?

    Finesse some Jewish people out of six figures then I’ll be impressed🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. @Jay

      I’m mailing you a check for this comment because it’s that good! This stunt queen stole money and flaunted it! How is he deserving of a congratulations? We need to do bettah! 😒

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