They Look Like Marky B Over In Long Island? (Who Woulda Thunk It)

i might need to become a photographer as a hobby.
a “baby oil rubber-oner”.
“male enthusiast”,
so i always wanted to know who ^that wolf was above.
i’d always see his pics online and there was no leads.
i may have even posted him before.
well i was doing my daily sniff around foto 119 and saw this:

everyone meet marky b from long island…

before breakfast alright…
look at those damn criceps again…

is this what the black wolves look like over in long island?
i bet it’s an untapped resource over there.
i love how marky looks in clothes:

that is my ideal wolf bawdy type.
as long as we can see the outline of the muscles.
there is not much to know about marky besides looking good,
a (fitness) model,
and top 6 national level npc athlete.
he’s now on my radar so let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint.

video credited: foto 119
all pictures credited to marky b

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “They Look Like Marky B Over In Long Island? (Who Woulda Thunk It)”

  1. Jamari, I have been crushing on Mark for the last 3 to 4 years now from when I seen his pictures on tumblr. He is so handsome, and don’t get me started on that body of his.

  2. He is good looking but from what I see, on the island around here most the black wolves around here don’t look like that. Maybe it depends on what area you live but I think the city is where its at.

    1. I agree Ronnie! They are few and far between. I think Queens got the lock on phyne ass dudes of all nationalities!

      1. I still have to explore Queens. I went there one time, to this club and the dudes were FINE. I think I’m going to check Queens out this weekend after the International Food Festival.

  3. I went to my doctor’s office today. On the wall were pictures and names of 31 medical professionals–29 doctors and 2 nurses. Of those 31, by looking at the names and facial features 13 were Chinese. I saw no bulging muscles but my guess is that the doctors and nurses had bulging salaries, assets and bank accounts.

    Good bodies are a dime a dozen. That’s why so many of the fellas with good bodies are in the hunt for “generous” men or women.

  4. Omg 😮

    I swear to Zeus I saw a dude in the grocery store this week who looked just like him! He had on the exact kind of basketball shorts that accentuates the azz and bulges. He also had on those nike socks with the slippahs you commonly see college athletes wearing. I felt ashamed of myself standing in line buying little Debbi Snack Cake banana pies while looking at all that healthy goodness in front of me…

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