Michael B Jordan Invents “Criceps” In This Shirt He Got On

criceps (v): when tears come out your eyes due to amount of muscles someone has.

when folks say to me that michael b jordan isn’t fine,
i seriously question if i’m looking at the right wolf.
i mean the wolf done glo’d tf up from “the wire”.
well michael had a photocall in cannes for his new movie,
“fahrenheit 451”.
i mean…


…a healthy snack!
the way his upper bawdy looks in that shirt>>>
the veins in his arms>>>
the biceps, triceps, and criceps>>>
i can’t even deal.
the way how he was looking at this vixen during this interview at “the met gala”:

he was looking at her like he wanted to give her the whole dick.

are we looking at the right “michael”?
the one named “b jordan” makes me cross eyed.

*all pictures credited to respected owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Michael B Jordan Invents “Criceps” In This Shirt He Got On”

  1. He is handsome but his chin area doesn’t sit right with me. A beard like in Black Panther def boosted his appearance

    1. same, the chin thing also puts me off as well. I thought i was the only one. And Black Panther is the finest he has ever looked.

  2. That man is fine asf, and he knows it. Michael has the whole package: looks, confidence, great personality, and I could go on. Let me stop writing before I write some x-rated stuff about what I want him to do to me.

  3. You know whenever there is Michael B post I usually have to come in and say how much he looks like one of the Angry Beavers…..and have you seen the original Batman…the one where Jack Nicholson plays the Joker….his chin looked like a pair of Gorilla testicles<<

    MBJ stands for Most Biggest Jaw…😃

    Let me stop…I'm just playing I know you like him J and I'm just joking around. If he ever comes up missing…I already know who foxhole to look towards first. Got that man tied up in your bedroom doing all kinds of things to him smh ..😋

  4. There is someone for everyone and that is a good thing but I don’t see it in him, I don’t find him attractive and I thought I was the only one.

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