HOLY MOTHER OF… (Mychal Kendricks?)

as you know,
i have a tiny crush on baller wolf,
mychal kendricks.
not only does he have a handsome facial,
and the type of “weird” i like,
but i love looking at that tail of his.
it’s like a thing of beauty.
well a vix-bi sent me in the following alleged picture of mychal.

is that real?
that can’t be real.
i think mychal has one of the best baller wolf tails in the nfl.
i don’t even know who beats him right now.
so he starred in this music video from an artist named joey.
never heard of her.
the song is  called “i’m done”,
but the main attraction makes it’s debut  @1:42:

was he sagging?
i’m done.
i’ll continue to allow everything about mychal.

lowkey: look at this wolf’s facial…



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “HOLY MOTHER OF… (Mychal Kendricks?)”

  1. **strike up sad violin playin** don’t dat man kno how many young starving gayby tops he can feed with dat azz?..for less than a dollar a day?!? CARE..dammit!

  2. I think the consensus on another forum was that the top half is real but the bottom half was enhanced. The real question is, why does he keep sending these pics to people? That’s not a pic he posted on any of his social media. I would know since I damn near stalk his profiles lol.

    1. ^someone needs to get me the answers ASAP!
      f-bi get on it!

      one thing i will say,
      the baiters been saying for years they have his alleged nudes.
      they use him as this bargaining tool to promote their businesses.
      safaree was leaked IMMEDIATELY,
      but we get teases and “gotta pay for this before we get that” for mychal?

  3. is that weird if i say i mute the video clip of the girl and immediately skip to 1:42 to appreciate Kendricks goodies?

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