HOLY MOTHER OF… (Mychal Kendricks?)

as you know,
i have a tiny crush on baller wolf,
mychal kendricks.
not only does he have a handsome facial,
and the type of “weird” i like,
but i love looking at that tail of his.
it’s like a thing of beauty.
well a vix-bi sent me in the following alleged picture of mychal.
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Foxhole Fav, Mychal Kendricks, Is A Winner

¬†mychal kendricks is what’s hot right now.
as you know,
the philly eagles won the superbowl.
i been so out of it,
but i decided to check in on mychal to see what a winner looks like.
i saw these two videos and…
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Squeeze Mychal Kendricks Tail For Good Luck!

he has such a handsome facial.
look at this:

*heart eyes emoji here*
baller wolf for the philadelphia eagles,
mychal kendricks,
is accepting he has a big tail.
we have already accepted it,
but i’m glad he is on the same page.
i love when he does stuff like this on his instagram…
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Mychal Kendricks Knows His Bunz Are Big (You Don’t Gotta Tell Him)

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.07.56 AMballer wolf to the philadelphia eagles,
mychal  kendricks,
is my foxhole fav.
yours too.
something has been telling me check his instagram for a while now.
i go and see this
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When Your Past Tweets Comes Back To Haunt Your Future

maxresdefaultanimals really need to be careful what they put on their social media.
tweets have a way of coming back and biting you in the ass.
well that is what happened to pre baller wolf,
wendell smallwood.
he just got drafted to the philadelphia eagles,
but he wasn’t feeling philly way back when.
look at what he “had” did via outsports
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Mychal Kendricks Is A Video Hoe

tumblr_nar77vc8V21shbgx3o1_500so “lips ‘n’ eyebrows”,
aka nfl baller wolf mychal kendricks who plays for the eagles,
is now a video hoe.
what do you call a wolf who is the love interest in a video?
a video wolf?
anyway in a shocker i didn’t see coming,
teyana taylor,
released her new music video for “maybe” the other day.
yes you read right.
she recruited mychal kendricks to play her love interest and well…
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