Foxhole Fav, Mychal Kendricks, Is A Winner

 mychal kendricks is what’s hot right now.
as you know,
the philly eagles won the superbowl.
i been so out of it,
but i decided to check in on mychal to see what a winner looks like.
i saw these two videos and…

…he has a seriously fat tail.
do you see the outline of it in that get up?
it’s big.
well mychal is in my forest of new yawk right now.
he was on a helicopter earlier:

if that’s what a winner looks like…

“hi mychal!
call me!”

congrats on your big win!

lowkey: if i had a uterus,
he would be getting some “congratulatory” pussy.
extra juicy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Foxhole Fav, Mychal Kendricks, Is A Winner”

  1. Mmmmm, nice! He’s almost as nice and ass as fat as my longtime former linebacker Shawne Merriman…damn I wish I had saved that video of Shawne flashing his butt cheeks in the doc’s office years back. I tried to find it few weeks back and it’d been taken off YouTube and every other site that had it. Wonder if he asked for it to be removed b/c he was gettin too much attn from people like me, lol.

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