Prince Michael Might Be Strapped With A Big Weapon

so ya’ll didn’t tell me prince michael from “lhhmia” was packin heat.
i don’t mean a gun silly.
a f-bi just sent me something to share with the foxhole…

oh my.
he is tall and slim.
you know that package tends to come with a gut buster.
he also has “cake” to go with it:

handsome facial and big pipe?
it looks like prince is a catch up in these forests.

lowkey: can a foxholer get me jeffrey’s ig,
he has been meaning to be put on the foxhole…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Prince Michael Might Be Strapped With A Big Weapon”

  1. Yeah he is nice to look at. He looks like he’s obsessed with looking in the mirror though. However he does seem like a nice guy.

    Off-topic but Is it bad that whenever I see a self-obsessed dude I always think that their sex game is wack? There’s always exceptions to the rule but I’m just saying. A lot of people (men AND women) think that their good looks will make up for their dry sex game and that isn’t the case. You can be nice to look at but once you fuck up in the sack then it’s a wrap

    1. It’s definitely a thing, one of the hottest guys I messed wit was so one note in bed. Guess that’s why he loved threesomes so much lol dude needed an assist.

  2. Meh. Big dick don’t mean a better brand, there are a lot of Crispy Rice out there posing as Rice crispy treats…I know the difference & if he can’t snap, crackle and pop with me. He can exit stage left.

    He stay up in that mirror I see…Next.

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