King James Is Adding To The “Remake Vomit”

i don’t know what is with all the remakes.
i was confused why “martin” is getting a remake.
tommy is legit dead in real life.
king james is planning on adding to the remake vomit.
the legendary “house party”.
this is what “usa today” had to font…

LeBron James is going old school to make a new movie.

The Cavaliers star and business partner Maverick Carter are producing a new version of House Party, the comedy featuring hip-hop duo Kid ‘N Play that debuted in 1990.

James’ SpringHill Entertainment production company described the project as a “fresh re-imagining” of the original. The new film is being written by Stephen Glover and Jamal Olori from the FX series Atlanta.

“It’s an honor when I got the opportunity to produce it, reboot the whole movie,” James said Tuesday in Oklahoma City. “When I was growing up as a youngster I was like, ‘Man, I hope I get an opportunity to throw one of these house parties, where it’s just a lot of fun, a lot of joking around, dancin’, people just having a good time.'”

James noted some of his Cavs teammates weren’t born when the original film came out. He may make a cameo in the new film.

look at those arms.

if they can do it well,
i’ll probably tune in.
next thing you know,
folks gonna try and remake “boyz in the hood”.
i hope they at least go hard and bring something new.
that movie is pretty much a classic for black folks.
a sex scene at least.
i hope they throw in some dancing too:

lowkey: my aunt made me turn around during this scene…

 article cc: usa today

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “King James Is Adding To The “Remake Vomit””

  1. I don’t mind seeing a rehash of the cult favorite and its needed and that generation had it good. I wonder what location the movie will be set tho Party3 was in Cali with Immature. ATL setting wouldn’t be bad with big Cameo included.

  2. This is going to be controversial, but…

    I want people to think about this film as it’s own movie right now. Not as a cult classic, not as a black culture film, but just as a movie.

    It’s really, really not as good as I see people making it out to be. Moreover, it does not hold up well at all.

    The acting, the story, the jokes. Blew me away as to why this was so widely regarded.

    And i’m not a snooty film guy or whatever, but i struggled through watching this since it was a friends program. It’s really not what people hype it up to be.

    I’m gna just leave it as a time capsule film, of the actors etc. But couldn’t get into it.

    Don’t hate me ya’ll. Or do, but be gentle.

  3. I don’t know about this…..the original House Party has a special place in my heart. I was a freshman in high school when this movie came out and watching it now reminds me of how fun that time period of my life was, going to house parties or school dances. People actually danced and worked up a sweat. I can only imagine what a house party looks like with this current generation…

  4. Hopefully the Elder God’s will block this from happening. We don’t need to rehash the 90s. Let this current generation create it’s own and stop leeching.

    I have this thing where when folks try to remake or shall I say “rehash” stuff. Like find something new to make a movie about. We’ve seen it all before and we get it. They sing songs, get drunk, tell corny jokes, do drugs and have sex…ummm okay

    We got Black Panther which is progress and Get Out (which kinda is like the black version f Skeleton Key…but I’ll allow it! 🙄)

    Give us something else to brag about and win more awards from..we need more Moonlights, Precious, or something with a hint of black taking over the market. Something new, even if it’s old. Hell, I’ll take an all Black Cast of a film similar to Charlie’s Angels, is Idris gonna be our Black James Bond?

    We also need more Black female leads in Action films and horrors. I mean the main characters, the final girl type of character.

    This House Party movie should be Straight to DVD…

    How do they figure this would be a commercial success…I mean how?

  5. Hollywood does need to stop remaking or re-imagining all of these older movies.
    There’s no more originality in Hollywood, and it’s showing. That is why I very rarely go to the movies any longer. I don’t want to see a remake of a movie I’ve been around long enough to remember when it first came out. LOL
    Hollywood is supposed to be about ideas. Not taking something old, putting your spin on it, and calling it new! LOL

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