Shawn Bullard Is Zaddy Who Has Nothing Better To Do

ya know,
i always wanted to be a singer.
in my past life,
i just may have been one.
well in this life,
jamari fox cannot sing worth a damn.
i wouldn’t embarrass myself to pursue a singing career,
but apparently,
shawn bullard does not have my sense of thinking.
shawn was on a reality show looking for a wife.
since that has ended,
he seems to have nothing better to do.
what does one do when that happens?
they start rapping,
a foxholer sent me his latest endeavor

that doesn’t even sound good.
the whole concept of this video was cheesy af.
it looked like a spoof or a skit on snl.
i know shawn is trying to do “ladies man”,
but this is a hard pass.
ll cool j was for the vixens and he didn’t even do this.
shawn has another one called “post apocalyptic” he released a few months ago:

um x 2…
this is what happens when they let anyone in the studio.
i might need shawn to stick to what he does best:

looking good
aging well
thirst trapping
leaking pipe shots
being silent

i understand he wants his little fame to continue,
but this definitely ain’t it.

lowkey: look at his instagram status…

um x 3.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Shawn Bullard Is Zaddy Who Has Nothing Better To Do”

  1. Mid life crisis maybe? I use to crush on him, because he was Zaddy. Now he is a cornball with a lame haircut that can’t spit bars to save his life.

  2. I came up in this post, I viewed each of those…what shall I call them…open mouth documentaries and I ended up looking just like that woman in the first GIF…I kid you not.. it was the same expression…for BOTH videos.

    Okay…Walking around with your mouth open to an FL Studio beat surrounded by a bunch of half naked thots does not make you a rapper.

    Yes, you are fine, and clearly fuckable.
    Yes, you are proof that folks with zero talent can get a music contract.
    In fact, looks can carry them, point being, I know another singer with no talent but she looks “good” and folks give her a chance despite her sounding like a Baboon giving birth.

    Despite my disdain for Shawn’s music.

    I still want to press his belly button to see if his nipples will light up.

  3. LMAO bye sir!! You are way too old and untalented for this buffoonary! Sidenote: I cringe so hard at men over 30 with that braided fade. The Game had to be the worst. Leave these childish hairstyles to the younger guys.

    I barely made it past 10 seconds into his videos. atrocious. He needs to carry on releasing dick pics and stay in real estate. He is much more suited and attractive whilst doing that. He is way past his time to now invest his time into becoming an aspiring “rapper”. That is for the teens & 20s.

  4. I guess he got tired of cruising gay Facebook groups to scam the members to pay for his cam shows. He’s a Trump supporter too.

    He’s not as wealthy as he fronts to be on sm either. Why would you be webcamming for funds if you were independently wealthy? One of my friends in ATL said that he escort on the side for older wealthy white men. Hence why he is a Chump supporter so that he keep access to their stuffy racist asswipes. It all makes sense when you think about it…

    He is on Facebook all day long whining about “haters” now of his cam shows… he could’ve been so much more, but he is so simple and thirsty.

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