Shawn Bullard Is Zaddy Who Has Nothing Better To Do

ya know,
i always wanted to be a singer.
in my past life,
i just may have been one.
well in this life,
jamari fox cannot sing worth a damn.
i wouldn’t embarrass myself to pursue a singing career,
but apparently,
shawn bullard does not have my sense of thinking.
shawn was on a reality show looking for a wife.
since that has ended,
he seems to have nothing better to do.
what does one do when that happens?
they start rapping,
a foxholer sent me his latest endeavor

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Shawn Bullard Gets Some “Ex Files” Pipe Leakage

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.36.07 PMi might be able to predict the future.
i swear on everything i love and my life that i predict this.
something in my foxy senses said last week:

“shawn’s nudes gonna leak soon…”

…and here today,
shawn bullard from “match made in heaven” gets some leakage.
is it me or does he give anyone low key messy”?
well how did they leak in the first place?
the revenge of the ex”.
baller alert got the special delivery and this is what the ex told them…
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Shawn Bullard Is A Match Made In Baller Wolf Heaven!

10933759_673875512732106_4493974104420852543_nso i was seeing commercials for a new show on we tv called,
“match made in heaven”.

i didn’t know WHERE we tv was,
but i saw pecs and knew i was going to bust out my channel guide.
from what i gathered,
it was a bachelor type show with a black baller wolf as the lead.
i also thought it was kerry rhodes.
well the show premiered last week and wellllllllllllllllllll….
can we talk about this baller wolf named shawn bullard?…
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