Shawn Bullard Gets Some “Ex Files” Pipe Leakage

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.36.07 PMi might be able to predict the future.
i swear on everything i love and my life that i predict this.
something in my foxy senses said last week:

“shawn’s nudes gonna leak soon…”

…and here today,
shawn bullard from “match made in heaven” gets some leakage.
is it me or does he give anyone low key messy”?
well how did they leak in the first place?
the revenge of the ex”.
baller alert got the special delivery and this is what the ex told them…

“I use to date Shawn Bullard and everything in our relationship was perfect until he began filming his reality show.  He initially said that this was a great opportunity that he was going to take full advantage of for his businesses and that I had nothing to worry about. Things definitely changed once he started filming and getting attention from the THOTS on his show.  I’m brokenhearted and  just tired of these men not keeping it real. I really fell for Shawn and to add insult to injury he ends up picking one of those show THOTS over me…REALLY Shawn????!!! He played with my heart and although I never thought I’d have to resort to something like this…oh well KARMA IS A BITCH!  We exchanged SEVERAL nudes during our courting and he better be thankful that this is all I’m letting out…4 NOW!  Play on Shawn and I’ll let the world see you in action from the explicit videos we filmed together too!!!!  Pay attention to his tat in pics that confirms without a doubt that this  is indeed Shawn Bullard.”

and here are the nudes:
Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.39.37 PM( 18^,
and “not for straight eyes”)
hold on.
my response is creeping up on me.
wait a min…
okay here it is:
pass-out-oum mcm much?
do you see how big that meat is?

he got body and beef.
you know how hard it is to find a muscular wolf with the inches?
well the ex is stupid.
completely stupid.
that is the type of shit you keep to yourself.
the whole world now knows that shawn bullard is packin’ that steel.
he will never be single again.
so whats this:
shawn = +686970868272727273986389273921
the ex: 0
lowkey: why i feel sorry for that vixen he picked on the show?
Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.46.21 PM
poor girl.
she gonna get run over by the pussy stampede.
tumblr_mnj5klQ9Qz1sp9fcho4_500do i predict a “match made in heaven 2”?
i’ll find a vagina just so i can join.
“hi shawn”.
pictures and article credit: baller alert

42 thoughts on “Shawn Bullard Gets Some “Ex Files” Pipe Leakage

  1. Just put it on your shoulder and burp it… Ain’t nobody got time for that! Can I get a backshot, tho?

  2. Now you know he leaked these pictures. Who sends nudes like this? His show is done so he has to find another way to stay relevant…

  3. Nice. But am I wrong for wanting these guys to moisturize the peen before snapping picks?? I’m so over ashy dicks. lol

      1. *searches for jergens* that peen looking all types of dry. #saynotoashydicks but is still big as hell

  4. Yes, he definitely gives me low key messy. Like he is a little too thirsty!!!! When I saw the pictures, I definitely thought he leaked them! It’s okay; nothing to brag about…Sorry!

  5. BIG!!! These guys know what they are doing and there is a chance of someone getting the photos and putting them out for the world to see.

  6. And he got a phat ass with juicy lips…the piece is nice but that back is where its at. Is it me or did he come across as a regular dl man?

  7. Well then… Im a little thirsty.
    Even without the peen pics he’s hot as hell.
    Nice lips, nice body damn.
    and he will lay it down too?
    May have to reinforce these walls with ironclad steel to prepare for that shit ROFL!
    thing is huge.

  8. I’m curious to know. How many of you Foxes would take that pipe up the rear without runnin? LOL. Got to be at least 10 inches lol.

    1. I don’t like diapers Man.
      I’d still try and make it work though…*slurps*

      1. Da hell you mean? That’s a Big Ass Dick Jamari. Look closely lol. If that is average….I feel small for once in my life lol.

      2. Most studies say the average American man’s penis is approximately 5.6 inches when erect.Porn has led most of us to have a distorted view of penis size.I am guilty of that as well after seeing so many BBCs and Monster Cocks in porn videos.

      3. Jamari!!! Thats biiig!
        Idk, I was never really into big big dicks, so his is well big to me. I like average to above average. Perception plays a part, but that thang is BIG! LOL
        Those Tumblr wolves you’re seeing are probably photoshopped, and if not, if theyre any bigger than that, idk how a man uses all that.
        @ The Man, dont feel small, man, THAT is not even close to average LOL! If that is, then I might be in trouble too! LOL

        I’d be scared of that thing, but again I like to fuck with normal wolves, not mandingos, only to look at them.
        Again, no diapers for me! 😀

  9. Now this is what I like to see upon my return. That is the type of meat you go through hell and high water to not lose a grip of.

      1. I just hope she find something equal or better than that pipe, cause it’s hard out here.

  10. Hold me back y’all….Hold me back……my mouth is ready for the peen lol.

    Damn, that boi got a B.A.D.(Big Ass Dick lol)

      1. Da hell you mean? That’s a Big Ass Dick Jamari. Look closely lol. If that is average….I feel small for once in my life lol.

  11. I missed the part about there being explicit videos when I saw this earlier today.Did you see the comment on baller alert complaining about his dick being long and skinny? What does she want, short and fat? LOL

      1. @obnoxioustvblog guy just posted a nude pic of a Grammy Award Winner Pastor Charles Jenkins.I hope he is a ” grower”.Check it out when you get a chance.

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