Shemar Moore Explains He Likes Vixens, Ain’t Gay, and Living Good

isn’t shemar moore part of the “sexy light skin 90s wolves” tribe?
wasn’t he in the starter pack?
i watched “brothers” the other day and thought he was so fine.
so shemar was in the news for allegedly dating a random phaedra parks.
i know.
she posted this picture:

comments turned off,
i see.
she made it look like they were dating.
it went pretty viral and i guess shemar wanted to clear up rumors.
this is what he posted on his ig
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Ezekiel Elliott Might be On Some “Fuck A Bitch Shit” Going Forward

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-9-13-59-pmi realllllllllllllllly love an idiot.
i really love when an idiot is exposed.
everyone remember that nfl baller wolf for the dallas cowboys,
ezekiel elliott,
scandal ( x a few months ago )?

well the she-hyena involved,
tiffany thompson,
has some ‘splaining to do.
reports are saying she allegedly asked her friends to lie for her.
baller alert has the scoop…
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Chris Brown Gets Accused of Being Gay By Association

tumblr_o7yzjzgC7V1u2r94mo1_500remember when i use to call him “breezy wolf”?
good times.
chris brown,

always a favorite in the foxhole,
was called “gay” today.
i mean,
unlike any other days he has been called “gay”,
this reason was rather interesting.
so chris is collaborating with nike and olivier rousteing for the “nikelab collection”,
football nouveau line.
oliver is the head designer of balmain.
look him up.

well he went to the cité universitaire in paris,
where the event was held,
and did some photo-ops with oliver like so…
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Shawn Bullard Gets Some “Ex Files” Pipe Leakage

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.36.07 PMi might be able to predict the future.
i swear on everything i love and my life that i predict this.
something in my foxy senses said last week:

“shawn’s nudes gonna leak soon…”

…and here today,
shawn bullard from “match made in heaven” gets some leakage.
is it me or does he give anyone low key messy”?
well how did they leak in the first place?
the revenge of the ex”.
baller alert got the special delivery and this is what the ex told them…
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The Vixens Are Going To Want A Pipe Sample In The Future

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.24.48 PMi always got this impression future had some good pipe.
hell ciara confirmed it for us.
*waves* hi c…
he seems like the type you put in the “fwb” category.
the wolf you let smash because he was “there” and it turned out to be good.
real good actually.
so you keep on doing it until you get married or saved.
you know those types.
one of the f-bi sent me a treat today.
it’s a groupie on future’s alleged dick report for our review from balleralert.
lets take a look shall we….
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There Is An Allegeded Hot Party In Orlando Scandrick Pants?

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 10.09.19 AMi always wanted to know what the party was like in baller wolf for the cowboys,
orlando scandrick aka “omg orlando!”,

i mean i assumed it was a pretty big turn out after being hipped to this video:

…would explain why draya can’t get her shit together.
so one of my fav vix-bi was doing a little sniffing around and found the following.
the following being a picture that baller alert threw up on their instagram.
it is a picture of what appears to be “omg orlando!”‘s party favors
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