Shemar Moore Explains He Likes Vixens, Ain’t Gay, and Living Good

isn’t shemar moore part of the “sexy light skin 90s wolves” tribe?
wasn’t he in the starter pack?
i watched “brothers” the other day and thought he was so fine.
so shemar was in the news for allegedly dating a random phaedra parks.
i know.
she posted this picture:

comments turned off,
i see.
she made it look like they were dating.
it went pretty viral and i guess shemar wanted to clear up rumors.
this is what he posted on his ig

you know what this made me realize?

You don’t have to respond to everything

keeping it 100…
how “second hand embarrassment” was that?
shemar done put “baller alert”,
a tiny gossip ig,
on the radar.
he even “@” them.
i don’t know what it is with him,
but shemar is always defending his sexuality.
by proving he is “straight”,
he is doing the opposite.
now i’m sniffing around like:

“What’s YOUR secret?”

even if he has none,
he decided to “explain himself” into that avenue.
all that mention of how he gets sex,
gets money,
and life is good…

now he isn’t as “sexy” as i thought.
he came off corny af.
the type that’ll be purposely making “sex faces” while fucking.

you like big daddy?
call me big daddy!
look at big daddy giving you this good dick.
tell big daddy he looks good and his dick is good.
tell big daddy he looks good,
his dick is good,
and his abs look good.
tell big daddy…”

you get the idea.
i’ve adopted this motto in my life nowadays:



…and that doesn’t need to be said.
it’s an “action”.
stop talking.

lowkey: phaedra is always involved in nonsense,
is she not?
like sit down.
she ain’t even on the show no more…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Shemar Moore Explains He Likes Vixens, Ain’t Gay, and Living Good”

  1. Everyone around Hollywood knows Shemar used to have parties especially aspiring vixen and male models with the known what happens at Shemar’s stays at Shemar’s. There was a video leaked where he had a nude vixen on one arm and nude muscled male by his pool. Word was he was bi so I think that’s more the case but as the old says goes watch the one always denying the loudest. I shot a male model during the late 90s that went to one. He had no reason to lie about as he referenced how hard it was for a black man to make it Hollywood. I’m sure Shemar still has his parties but more selective with the criminal minds and swat money. Lol

    1. ^shemar looks like fun,
      but all that talking is wild crazy.
      he could have done more showing how he is still working years being in the industry.
      dating a “phaedra” isn’t bad publicity.
      as much as she was problematic on that show,
      she is still a vixen.
      black being a plus knowing how many black actors date white.
      it also showed how “i date all vixens” he might be.

      just a few ideas.
      his pr is horrible lol

      1. I remember a check wrote a book called “Celebrities Between the Sheets” and he was one of her suitors. All candles and fireplace and shit. Straight out of a romance novel. On another note she was really throwing that thang at him. She loves those light skinned dudes. No challenge at all.

  2. I used to crush on Shemar back when he first got into acting on Y&R, playing Malcolm. Once he left and started on Criminal Minds and doing videos and movies, he got lost in the pretty boy shuffle or the “sexy light skinned 90s wolves” as you called them. LOL
    Over him.

    1. ^i watched some videos of him when he was on y&r.
      he was so sexy because we didn’t know him.

      he was FIONE.
      now he reminds me of “dad” that does too much.
      he lost his mystique.

      1. He’d just stepped on the scene after being an underwear model. Y&R was his first acting gig. He was fine as hell when he first came on the show but over the years, that sexiness disappeared. Then he left the show at the “height” of his fame, but came back, and then left again.

  3. I still think Shemar is fine as hell. since Genoa City days.

    PP tried it. Yes she did.

    Most of all I think is he genuinely a nice guy. He did not have to defend his transgender friend hanging off of him down in South beach in that video back on the day, but he did.

    Cut the man some slack. He has shown himself to be an ally IMHO.

  4. Wendy Williams shaded him on her show too so it wasn’t just the little blog making suggestions about him. It’s hard when people talk shit about you and encourage others to talk, whether it’s true, half true, or pure lies.

  5. Um, he aight. I dont get too excited when I see light brites but I can admit that he has a cute face. Back in the day, he had that baby face. He still kinda do tho but I wasn’t particularly attracted to him then and not so much now. I remember when that dick pic surfaced of him, I immediately went into my Stevie Wonder mode whenever I saw him after that.

  6. He never said he wasn’t gay or bi , and his answer was he likes women. I know pently of Gay and bi sexual men who likes women. Ijs

  7. It wasn’t too much in my opinion, he pretty much went down a checklist of questions his instagram, im sure, stays bombarded with, and nonchalantly answered em, i seriously doubt hes gay he seems pretty comfortable with himself to not be in the closet at 47

  8. For most of his career in Hollywood, he has had to defend his sexuality. The thing is, he is not the stereotype, nor does he have the mannerisms of a gay man, so I do not have the slightest idea of the reason here is so much speculation about him in the first place. Maybe it just comes with being attractive. Either way, he needs to just keep doing him, and let all that other shit go.

    1. @The Man…I think with him it’s because he started his career modeling for a catalog that was geared towards gay men…Undergear. Even though he may not be gay or bi, and a lot of men start their modeling careers doing similar work, people took it and ran with it.

  9. Seems like every few years he puts out these little public service announcements about his sexuality. Its like we get it damn.

  10. I remember the first time I saw Shemar guest starting on that one episode of Living Single,I though he was so fine when I was younger and while he looks goof for his age he’s not on that same level of fineness he once was. Did I think the video was a little corny ? Yes but he has every right to defend himself tho and yes every so often he has to defend himself over his sexuality because it keeps coming up.

  11. A hit dog will holla every time! If you’re secure in your manhood, you shouldn’t have to explain a damn thing!! That video makes him look stupid as hell!!

  12. Idc what anyone says, he looks really good for his age & he still got “it”. However it seems that he seems to make these kind of videos every year lol. Always “addressing” ish. He needs to follow good sis Tyler Perry and just collect his coins & live life. I KNOW it’s easier to say this from the outside looking in compared to how it must be to walk in his shoes and deal with this BS regularly, BUT he is damn near 50 years old. I’m sure he’s heard this a million times, people will talk shit regardless so making these lil “PSA” videos just add fuel to the fire. You know folks like a good reason to talk shit.

    And I see it’s another #L for Phelony Parks. If she don’t go somewhere with her yellow juvenile dick craving ass lmao

    BTW, Shemar looks like one of those guys who can just offer decent dick, ignored texts & headaches. It’s no surprise that he is single (to the public at least).. He’s one of those narcissistic attractive men who can’t see past their own reflection in the mirror, let alone their peripheral view. How can you expect someone like that to settle down and give half of their time to another person? He’s basically an older version of what many of these Instagram attentionisto’s are gonna be like when they hit middle age. Still doing corny sh*t trying to hang onto their youth. Narcissism is a bitch in the long-run, especially when the main trait that you’re banking on is your looks instead of your bank account.

  13. I’ve never had anything to say about Shemar’s sexuality because I don’t think about his irrelevant azzz but I think he’s gay and IDC what anyone says or they feel about it. I think he’s gay not cause of rumors or whatever pics or videos I just think he’s gay.

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