“I Hate Everyone” Is How You Make Friends and Get Fucked?

when the foxhole comes through with the mental treats
i love when we indulge.
so hugo89113 wrote the following comment in the last entry,
“how come you don’t call”.
what he “had” said was…

“The funny thing with interest nowadays is that so many people have it confused with “thirstiness”. Somewhere in the last decade the culture has made being into someone a desperation tactic and its sooo damaging and wrong. Hence why many play the aloof game.”

that’s it!
that is fuckin it!
that comment is so true that i’m fuckin insulted.

it’s got me feeling like you are labelled “thirsty” for being interested.
i remember work wolf telling me this one vixen who really liked him,
he stopped speaking to her because she called him on the phone.
his response was:

she always calling me.
like who does that?”

he did enjoy using her “thirst” for attention and to feed his fragile ego.
he never told her this tho.
when she was blowing up his phone after he ghosted her,
he labelled her as “crazy”.
like are you serious right now?
he did that same shit to me.
“he” represents many in the friendship/dating world.
wanting to be constantly fed,
and discarded once you serve no purpose any longer.
you get no closure and a “moment”.

we act “thirsty” for jobs and money,
but when it comes to real life connections,
we shut that shit off like a light switch.
can’t compliment no one or treat em like you want them in your life.
if they got a nice facial or bawdy,
in order to have them stick around,
you treat them like they ugly and fat af.
when someone is interested,
and they are your type,
it makes you start questioning what do they really want from you.
i know i did.
i won’t even lie…
wolf hit me up more than i did,
but in the back of my mind,
i was wondering

Why is he being so nice to me?

i ended up being right,
but i still was guarded until i decided to let that down.
“this” a very unhealthy and toxic way to live.
so like i fonted in that same entry,
do we keep this “aloof” mask on,
only to remove it later on to show the real “us”?
does that make it better?
how do we even know someone is interested in us?

a lot of texting?
phone calls?
wanting to see you?

the sex is extremely passionate?
they have no issue spending money?
meet the family?

all that shit can still lead to a “casper”.
i truly don’t get it anymore.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on ““I Hate Everyone” Is How You Make Friends and Get Fucked?”

  1. Also known as Narrcasitic Personality Disorder that has plagued society. Everyone thinks they are a model or a fitness instructor. Everyone wants to be desired but with little effort or receipts. Instagram and Snapchat are perfect examples…People these days want to live for the moment. To capture all the “beautiful” aspects of themselves. That their life is perfect because still images and short clips can portray that illusion well.

    Like I said in the last post. I definitely dont fall into a Narrcasitic Web trap of others who need their ego filled. I clean that clock before it’s set into motion ahead of “time.”

    People make effort in what AND who they are interested in.

    1. ^these narcissist are REAL out here.
      they will have you going crazy because of their bullshit.
      i be so quick now to bounce the moment i sniff it out.
      “shifts” will have your ass on permanent ignore.
      i don’t even care about the excuses.

      1. Right on Jamari!! 💖 Don’t settle for less. Keep doing you and embrace what is before you now and when it’s time for Trey Songz to come into your life, he will.

        Keep an open heart and sympathize with others tribulations cause we all do fall off sometimes, no lie, but also keep an open eye out for those that use “excuses” to prey off of ones’ sympathy and to feed their egos to lead you on.

    2. I agree with this 100%! This is why I removed myself from all social media’s. It’s pretentious as fuck. I always listen to my friends compare myself to people who have seemingly “a perfect life”. IT’S NOT REAL STOP COMPARING YOURSELF!!!! The same girl one of my vixen gf’s was comparing herself too because she had 3 children and married her baby daddy in luxurious wedding. Sure enough the groom was in my other vixen gf’s DM tryna get on. It’s a shame. I want a flip phone.

  2. If you’re calling them thirsty it’s usually because they’re not interested🤷🏾‍♂️

    I mean I’m not going to call Jax Slayher thirsty for texting me on the regular…

  3. Ayyyeeee!!! A post based off my comment! Jamari I’m flattered I feel like I leveled up today. Its funny you mention WW and how he treated u and ol’ girl because I feel like we’ve all dealt with a guy like that. They are narcissists like Jammy said.

    They reel you in to feed their ego and get you feelin all special then when you show real interest and send them a damn Good Morning text they act like you a stalker smmfh. I can’t lol. The only consolation prize I see is that these emotionally unavailable types always end up alone, but they sit around blaming everyone else because dudes severely lack self awareness.

    Unfortunately most men think like this so its hard to know how to handle each situation. It may be toxic but I have a guilty until proven innocent mantra when interacting with men. I leave the mask on until absolutely sure its real because my feelings and self worth are too valuable to give these ashies too much of myself too fast. I’m naturally aloof and introverted so its second nature for me.

    I feel if I’m fortunate enough to ever have someone fall for it and like the full unadulterated me their the jackpot winner.

  4. True story. I met this guy online. “Pretty Boy”, we became friends, I was really attracted to him, but he made it perfectly clear that I was not on his level in the looks dept and wanted me to stay in the friend zone. He even said I acted to thirsty with him and that I shouldn’t act that way with the next guy I am into. So I moved on met another guy “very handsome” we hit it off and it became intimate and we started seeing each other on the regular. “Pretty Boy” was still my “friend”. Told him about “Handsome Guy” too many details I should have kept to myself. He became intrigued and sought him out on social media behind my back, met up with him. They ended up having sex, then “Pretty Boy” proceeds to tell me how “Handsome Guy” is not the right guy for me, that he is a player and cant be trusted. I’m like how do you know all this? He tells me because we are friends he wanted to see what “Handsome Guy” intentions were toward me so he hit him up on social media. “He was so into me”, “Not once did he mention he was seeing someone”. “He wanted to meet me in person at the gym”. “We even did some intimate things but I didn’t go all the way, but if I wanted to I could have”. Well it really got ugly from that point as you can imagin and needless to say I am not friends with either of them anymore. My feelings have never been that hurt in my entire life.

      1. Yes!!! I really feel that “Pretty Boy” was jealous that someone good looking was into me after he had “put me on a certain level”. As long as I was single and he new I had attraction toward him he was in the power position, he had a fan but as soon as he saw what the guy I was seeing looked like his ego couldn’t deal with it.

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