on my knees because depression sucks

depression has been fuckin me all up.
my writing,
my creativity,
my emotions,
and my life.
at least i have the guts to admit it.
i always have in my blogging career,
but some act like they don’t understand other people aren’t as strong as them.
seriously though…

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don lemon makes it look easy

so don lemon got engaged over the weekend.
he posted this on his ig for his engagement:

i mean,
that’s just fuckin’ “kick you in the crotch” fantastic.

as much as folks will carry on about it being “interracial”:

How many of us were checking for Don?

it leaves us to wonder:

When will it be our turn?

doesn’t it suck major donkey balls when…
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“I Hate Everyone” Is How You Make Friends and Get Fucked?

when the foxhole comes through with the mental treats
i love when we indulge.
so hugo89113 wrote the following comment in the last entry,
“how come you don’t call”.
what he “had” said was…
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F*ck Me Harder

so my worst fear happened…
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All Ya’ll Wanna Get Like Me


get like me.
this goes hard…

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#boom #crunch #splat (Fucked).

imagine being in a car.
any car.
it’s yours and you are driving.
it’s a beautiful day.
sun is out.
windows down.
wind blowing in your face.
you are driving to your next destination.
the next pit stop.
it’s been a long journey,
but you have enough gas to last a while.
stop sign.
you follow the rules of the road.
as soon as you pull off to get to the next street,
a pick up truck slams the fuck into you.
car-crash12you = car.
the pick up truck = life.
the outcome….

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