#boom #crunch #splat (Fucked).

imagine being in a car.
any car.
it’s yours and you are driving.
it’s a beautiful day.
sun is out.
windows down.
wind blowing in your face.
you are driving to your next destination.
the next pit stop.
it’s been a long journey,
but you have enough gas to last a while.
stop sign.
you follow the rules of the road.
as soon as you pull off to get to the next street,
a pick up truck slams the fuck into you.
car-crash12you = car.
the pick up truck = life.
the outcome….

i got hit with an IRS bill today.
came outta nowhere on my ass.
i got a letter telling me i owe 900 big ones.
i had to sit on my couch and re-read it a couple times.
called them almost immediately.
they said i didn’t report earnings on my 2009 tax return.
the IRS picked them up and adjusted.
added this balance.
i go and look and sure nuff,
my tax preparer didn’t add the info.
dumb ass.
between that,
this fuckin’ mother’s day coming up,
and having no job to pay off this bill…
i am over it.
i don’t even feel like posting today.
i put my phone in the microwave.
i just want to lay down and not be bothered.

to think,
i was so fuckin’ happy this morning.
slept good last night.
woke up and got the great gatsby soundtrack.

gatsby-cover650x listen here

something i have been looking for it the last few weeks.
too bad that happiness didn’t last long, huh?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “#boom #crunch #splat (Fucked).”

  1. This too shall pass. My professor gave us a fucking ridiculous grade today and that came from no where

  2. they can also put you on a payment plan for like 2 years. something like $50 a month

  3. ive actually been through this. Your tax preparer is responsbile. You just need to file an amended tax return, and hopefully you can still get credits from that year. hopefully you went through HR Block or something like that.

  4. Aww…you’re going to be fine! The IRS can be a bitch. Don’t let it get you down though, just sit back and listen to The Great Gasby soundtrack. I know it’s a good one. Things are going to work out in your favor.

  5. Don’t let that get you down. Work out a payment plan. Your gonna be fine Jamari! Watch

  6. Damn Jamari. Ouch, that hurts.

    If you want to you should take the day off and get your mind right man.

  7. I’ve been there since you can’t pay all at once just enter into a comfortable payment plan. It would be advantageous to go speak to someone in person documenting your current lack of income. Keep in mind the govt can’t collect if you don’t have but do speak to them to abate the annoying letters.

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