Has Breezy Wolf Given The “Baby Monsta” Away?

tumblr_inline_mmgjqkZqxV1qipozl^exxotical breezy?
word on the street is he has found himself some new pussy.
i’m not confirming or deny.
he escorted this vixen to the met ball after party last night…

downvoting-roman-gifi don’tttttttt……
here are some mo’ shots of him from the party:

i guess blondes do have more fun.

lowkey: team breezy is about to find that chick’s social networks.
she better be prepared to assault that block button.

5 thoughts on “Has Breezy Wolf Given The “Baby Monsta” Away?

  1. She looks old as hell and she ain’t got no cakes… Breezy is NOT smashing…

    lowkey: I like him in that first pic with light eyes…everybody don’t look right with light eyes, but he pulls it off…very Michael Ealy of him…

    1. I know that’s your opinion, but to me he’s ugly af with those contacts. He looks good natural, without the blonde hair too. I like his freckles under his eyes.

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