Pineapples At A Kendrick Lamar Concert

ya know,
whenever i see white folks lip syncing to hiphop songs,
i low-key cringe.
i wait to see if “pineapple” would come out their mouth.
(for those who are new:
pineapple in the foxhole is “n*gga”)

it was interesting to see them rapping along to “pineapples in paris”.
kendrick lamar learned when he invited a snow bunny on stage.
this is what happened via “the grape vine”

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Saquon Barkley Next Bag Is Gonna Be Sponsored By Pampers

ya know,
if i was a pre-baller wolf,
cubs wouldn’t even be in my equation.
setting up my goals would be the main priority.
that success doesn’t last too long.
if i was a pre baller wolf,
who wasn’t even drafted yet,
i’d be pregnant with another purpose.
saquon barkley,
who plays football at penn state,
is not like most of us.
his vixen had a huge revelation on her ig…
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The Snow Bunny Who Hopped Away

this can show the foxhole just how fake others can be.
so i send this snow bunny that i worked at the last job a dm.
she actually started with me in my orientation.
she was cool enough to exchange socials that same day too.
every time she when she walked by when i was there,
she would always greet me with love.
i decided to send her an update a few days ago.

“hey _______!
i wanted to update you that i wasn’t with the company anymore.
blah blah blah…”

you know,
a nice update/great working with you type of situation.
she responded a couple days later:

“hey jamari!
omg i was wondering where you were!
i am sorry that happened to you,
but you have such an amazing personality.
i know you will bounce back to something even better!
thank you for the update!”

well guess what she did today?…
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That Time The Snow Bunny Had A Meltdown

nothing is a better time than a snow bunny melt down.
you haven’t lived until you see one in person.
it’s when they can’t hold in the passive aggression any longer.
well the following is a snow bunny melt down in a coffee shop.
it doesn’t go the way you’d think tho…
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The Snow She Jackal Whose Lie Killed A Black Cub (and Started A Movement)

when i was going through my slump,
i wanted to post about the following story.
i said as soon as i started posting again,
i would make an entry about it.
so i know everyone knows the tragic story about emmett till.
if not,
ima post a documentary within the entry.
well just recently,
his accuser that caused his murder came forward with the truth.
she admitted she lied about everything that caused his death.
this is what this she-jackal revealed to the world last week…
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A Baller Wolf From The Kansas City Chiefs Gets Some Sex Tape Leakage?

so no sooner than i posted that last entry,
i saw that fameolous posted another alleged sex tape leakage.
this time,
the alleged leakage is from baller wolf,
charcandrick west of the kansas city chiefs.
that is his first name and this is his alleged leakage for foxhole review

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