Pineapples At A Kendrick Lamar Concert

ya know,
whenever i see white folks lip syncing to hiphop songs,
i low-key cringe.
i wait to see if “pineapple” would come out their mouth.
(for those who are new:
pineapple in the foxhole is “n*gga”)

it was interesting to see them rapping along to “pineapples in paris”.
kendrick lamar learned when he invited a snow bunny on stage.
this is what happened via “the grape vine”

Kendrick Lamar invited a fan onstage during the Hangout Festival this weekend to perform “M.A.A.D City.” Nothing about a white girl in Alabama rapping “M.A.A.D City,” of all tracks, sounds like a good idea, but Kendrick apparently had faith that she’d be smart enough to skip lyrics like “my nigga.”

But Becky was like, “YOU THOUGHT!”

After “my nigga” rolled off of her tongue a smooth three times, Kendrick stopped midconcert to check his brazen fan. When Kendrick cuts her off, she asks, “Am I not cool enough for you? What’s up, bro?”


“You gotta bleep one single word, though,” replied Lamar.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I do it?” she asked.

why did that seem fake?
oh they use the word in songs,
but the white folks have to bleep it?
most hip hop stans are white folks tho.
they’re usually front row at every concert.
we throw the word around so freely,
as i’ve been told,
it has lost it’s “meaning” now.
it’s weird because when it’s use as an insult,
black folks raise all kinds of hell.

We should stop getting angry,
contradicting ourselves,
and banish the word in general?

…or nah.
that makes too much sense.

lowkey: it describes “ignorant” for all races when i use it.

article cc: the grape vine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Pineapples At A Kendrick Lamar Concert”

  1. C. Delores Tucker and many other civil rights activists that are gone, tried to warn our people about that word and rap, but many didn’t want to listen and thought her and many others didn’t know what they are talking about, etc. Here we go again repeating a cycle, I wonder will we finally break it, during my lifetime…

  2. Now Kendrick had to know this was gonna happen. Lol

    White people love to use the excuse “im just rapping the song”

    That’s the price for hip hop being dominated by white consumers though.

    Whites love some Kendrick and J. Cole.

    1. Yes! These white folks love them. Its interesting though both of these rappers are going through their woke phases now. These whites don’t have a problem rapping along to music thats calling them out. Are they not really listening? Or maybe they just don’t care. Im gonna go with a little bit of both.

      1. Right. I guess its sort of like how white folks act like they love “golden age” hip-hop as an era and have the most (negative things) to say about most of today’s rap music.

        As long as it’s a plodding “struggle in the ghetto under white supremacy” narrative, it’s black literature. When we’re dancing and celebrating and giving any other expression of joy, it’s ignorance, coonery, and noise.

        And yall and the ancestors just gonna have to fight me. I’m adept at using words in multiple contexts and “nigga” is no exception lol

  3. Too many people lost their lives, and have struggled hard in order to NOT be called that word. And to see it so casually thrown around by our own, is hurtful, and it makes me cringe. I can’t even get mad at a white person, or persons of another ethnicity throwing it around anymore, because our own shouldn’t be using it.

    In fact, I watched a group of high school kids the other day, just LOUDLY throwing the word around. Sad and interesting part, there were four black guys, two Latino guys, and two Indian guys. ALL of them were saying “My Nigga” like it was nothing. an older black woman and I were just looking at one another and shaking our heads.

    As much as people try to justify use of the word…There is no endearing term whatsoever in that word. It’s demeaning, period. And Civil Rights leaders who are no longer with us, but fought the battle, are probably turning over in their graves.

  4. I blame those rappers honestly.. NOBODY is going to live their lives censoring themselves from saying a word that is constantly perpetuated freely by the people who claim that they hate it so much. I’ve been to Drake, J Cole, Nicki Minaj etc. concerts. Let me tell y’all, EVERYBODY in the audience says it lol. Does that make it right? NO. But realistically, everybody in those arenas are in the vibe whilst rapping along to those lyrics, people aren’t thinking about what not to say especially the rappers are saying it their damn selves. I cringe at the N word myself but shit it is what it is.

    I cringed even harder when Ice Cube ATTEMPTED (and failed) to school Bill Maher on why black people can say it and others can’t. The world doesn’t work that way.

  5. She had every right to sing the song lyric for lyric.. you are in your zone and you must edit… GTFOH!!!!!!

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