Lamont Johnson and Kierra Skye Shoot Hard Together

^this pic goes hard.
are they really “a ship”?

dare i font,
but lamont johnson and kierra skye would be cute together.
if they aren’t already.
i try not to watch lamont’s vlogs that much.
i’m tired of the mystique being taken away.
once they start opening their mouths,
the wrong thing might come flying out.
well lamont released a skit on his channel.
it’s called “nice for what”.

i love that lamont’s tail made a cameo in that video.
i don’t know if those two are dating,
but they are really cute together.
lamont needs a supporting character in his videos anyway.
he is sorta boring without one.
unless he is doing this:

…then he can be alone for as long as he chooses.

lowkey: he’s the only attentionisto that turns me on right now.
is lamont trying to be a model?
hair/beard model?

what’s the end game for him?

pictures/video cc: ig | youtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Lamont Johnson and Kierra Skye Shoot Hard Together

    1. I honestly think he should just trim a down until its face surface. I don’t know why dudes think those long Santa Claus beards are cute. Idc what race you are, that shit just looks unkept and messy.

      If he trimmed his beard and had a cute haircut then he would look so much better.

  1. Think he has ways as a hybrid….Recently hosted a LGBT theme night….Not sure if he is supportive of the foxes and wolves or interested in our money

  2. He gotta booty on him lol

    The beard and longer hair is definitely his “look”.

    Ol girl compliments him too

    1. I guess all the meat is in the back, but there doesnt seem to be nothing going on in the front. #nodickprintpresent. lol

  3. Chile he must’ve read my post from the other day and rushed out to find some unknowing vixen to do this with. Those guys are so transparent.

  4. I don’t think he’s dating her, most likely a shooting partner

    I like his youtube videos because it gives a personality to him which is refreshing for eye candy like him. I think the youtube channel was a smart move for him.

  5. I highly doubt they’re dating.

    He strikes me as one of those narcissistic dudes who can’t love anybody but themselves. And Im not saying that in a way to shade him because I believe that self confidence and admiration could get you so far in life (just as long as it doesn’t slip into delusion) but I’m just saying he seems so into himself to even think of getting in a relationship. He reminds me of one of those guys who expect women to chase him instead of the other way round. And I’m sure he already has women chasing him.

    Lamont, Brock O’Hurn, Mario Rodriguez etc. all fall into that tribe

    And also, Lamont had the nerve to post on his insta story that he only does “PAID photoshoots” and made it clear to photographers to stop sending him DM’s for “free shoots” LMAO!
    Since when are IG hoes paid to have photoshoots? Shit, REAL fashion models or even most ACTORS/MUSICIANS don’t get paid for photoshoots or editorials so who the hell does he think he is? I chuckled when I saw the post. If anything, HE needs those photographers more than they need him.

    A photographer can make or break your career. That one hot shot can make you go viral and the rest is history. He really needs to humble himself before he just ends up being a George Hill 2.0

    I remember when George was such an asshole, then he got that reality check and shit hasn’t been the same for him ever since. Simmer down Lamont.

  6. Has anyone else notice that Lamont doesnt have a dick print? Unless he Photoshops them out of his pics/vids. Them small ass swim trunks he wears have no bump in the front.

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