Lamont Johnson and Kierra Skye Shoot Hard Together

^this pic goes hard.
are they really “a ship”?

dare i font,
but lamont johnson and kierra skye would be cute together.
if they aren’t already.
i try not to watch lamont’s vlogs that much.
i’m tired of the mystique being taken away.
once they start opening their mouths,
the wrong thing might come flying out.
well lamont released a skit on his channel.
it’s called “nice for what”.
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Derek Tramel Addresses His Sexuality, But Allegedly Outs A Foxhole Fav?

derek tramel was a foxhole fav…
…and then he vanished.
i don’t think he was trying to go the lengths of the other attentionistos,
but he wanted his moment.
well derek has started vlogging.
in a recent blog,
he wanted to put all the cards on the table.
he decided to address his sexuality and allegedly out someone else.
someone we all may know.
this is what he had to say…
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Don’t Call It A Cumback

tumblr_mloi2tdqs51s4f9qeo1_500o cakes is going to sell this new album.
he gon’ turn into a thug to do it too.
he’s in the studio with his new team,
maybach music,
cuttin’ up some of these hits.
he has started a new vlog aptly called:

maybach o series

working out.
filled with high profile guests.
is o cakes about to become a problem?
yes there are some cake shots wolves…

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