Derek Tramel Addresses His Sexuality, But Allegedly Outs A Foxhole Fav?

derek tramel was a foxhole fav…
…and then he vanished.
i don’t think he was trying to go the lengths of the other attentionistos,
but he wanted his moment.
well derek has started vlogging.
in a recent blog,
he wanted to put all the cards on the table.
he decided to address his sexuality and allegedly out someone else.
someone we all may know.
this is what he had to say…

is he talking about this picture?

before we get into that tho…
so vlogging isn’t for everyone.
it requires:

supporting characters
good topics


i say travel because we need to see you doing more than a couch.
that being said,
derek is kinda boring.
he has always been boring tho.
he should have focused on his work out regiment first.
his selling point is his bawdy.
as far as who he allegedly “outed“…

Is this really a scandal tho?

if he was allegedly talking about steven beck,
i’m not wowed.
steven’s rumors have been floating around for years.
steven obviously don’t give a fuck what we think.
he legit allegedly does him out in these forests.
which sort of makes him sexier lowkey.
i never really thought derek was gay or bi tho.
he is nice to look at,
but he comes off like the typical boring straight wolf to me.
his mystery made him sexy.
i guess derek wants to show us another side of him.
i’ll allow it if he isn’t gonna bore me to tears.
like this….

…like what?
he needs an exciting friend or start taking his shirt off.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Derek Tramel Addresses His Sexuality, But Allegedly Outs A Foxhole Fav?”

  1. I interrupted my binge of Wild Wild Country on Netflix to catch this tea… cause he would have my loins quivering for real every time I came across his pics… oh well… as long as he happy.

  2. I’m not sure if Steven is gay. He’s always in West Hollywood but he comes off as a straight guy who has a lot of gay friends.

  3. interesting, never thought about Steve that way tho. Surprisingly Dwight got him hosting Sizzle Miami who knows maybe as the preforming act?

  4. I’m Ray Charles to watching that whole video.

    These instagram dudes are gonna fuck up their whole mystique trying to do vlogs in a failed attempt to get YouTube money. Lol

    Some people are better seen than heard and far as I know no one questioned his sexuality despite how much he talks about anal sex🤷🏾‍♂️

    Everyone has already assumed Steven was gay or bi at the very least for the right amount of coins.

    I looked at Lamont’s vlog too and was thoroughly underwhelmed.

    Stick to thotty pics fellas.

  5. Well…

    Maybe, I am in the minority here, but he is cute and the video showed his charisma and made me interested in him.

  6. I like him more after hearing his take on things, not sure why u find it boring…..Maybe because he doesnt make himself accessible to Gay outlets like his friend IDK

    His body got you to notice in the first place, so you needing his personality show is laughable. Lol

  7. First of all, who’s he trying to convince? Second of all, that incessant droning, sheesh!!

  8. Idk, this made a little uncomfortable. Outing anyone is such an ugly approach to making a point… not to mention he had on a “Beck Effect” shirt…. coincidence? *inserts extremely hard eye roll*

  9. I dunno I feel like this is a meh story, you aren’t really learning nothing from this but I’ll give the guy some free analysis.

    This is too much effort for a nothing burger and either two things come of it.

    Either he’s not gay and therefore like any self respecting straight male would find another outlet to make money from rather than using his body.


    Like all of the other models In hollywood he
    useses his looks to get by and that act itself coincides with the gay community

    You think women alone pay this guy no it’s men gay men men who like male bodies and men who like male genitals what’s the big whoop

    its obvious what he has or will eventually run gay clientele

    Mind you I’m not knocking anyone.

    I don’t know if he has or maybe he hasn’t. But it isn’t far fetched to think I mean look at the circles he’s in and look at how they move in terms of getting exposure and potential income

    a mass bulk of potential income can be made entertaining males who prefer males

    women for one don’t value solely the male body as much as a gay male

    And more than likely women would not spend the extra income as frequently on this entertainment as much as a gay male would

    I’ve spent money on lap dances at male strip clubs and felt like a fool right after there’s no thrill in the hunt

    Hell even think how most straight males act by nature what straight male would pay for female pussy that they just wouldn’t just smash for free

    Free puss in itself is reason for security a video of him raw dogging a female would’ve easily cleared this up but no

    and if they are in Hollywood then they are clearly entertaining white male clientele that’s pretty obvious just from understanding who has the most disposable income

    I’m not knocking a hustle but hes clearly doing the most to sit down give bullet points type the video description and the tags find a proper site to distribute the psa etc etc

    His insecurities are getting the best of him and he’s playing himself one cares in the long run he’s making money off of his body speaking just now fucks up his illusion his body created.

    2. His insecurities are exposed by his poor communication skills he managed not once but twice to speak and it was like watching paint dry.

    3. His career choice has a shelf life at best unless he’s smart which is questionable read point 2. And you’ll find that his body clearly speaks for him which means he better think of a backup plan just in case

    This ig model stuff has been played and from someone who lives in hollywood isn’t in the industry isn’t in the gay community

    And just trying to live a decent life off the radar and just turned 30 looking like a fine bottle of Hennessy

    I’m here to say it’s all smoke and mirrors

    All this guy is in my opinion is just another in a long line of hurt people who use their bodies to get something their souls cannot. And that truly is sad

    But a bucks a buck.

    Meh I’m old enough to understand that the image these people put out are dangerous to body image self image comfidence and health and well being of other people specifically young gays coming up

    I’m mean I’d smash no doubt but still I’m wise enough to understand

    it isn’t real.

    So just be yourself as hard as it may seem at times that was a hard but necessary lesson I had to learn

    I just don’t like when people protest about stuff like this

    I suggest he look at his peoples his actions what he talks about and even the words he uses in itself can tell you gallons about a person

    Damn that was long now I’m going back to look at judge Judy berate people on YouTube

  10. I get angry too when people assume I like yogurt when I actually prefer ice cream. I think imma make a YouTube video about that shyt cuz it’s got me triggered like a muthafukah.
    🙄 *rolls eyes*

    but seriously tho, was this video even necessary? Other than some of the lowkey homophobic verbiage he used like “don’t bring that around me” (referring to your homosexuality) , I didn’t hear anything offensive in his boring azz comments. As for “outing” Steven Beck? Um, nobody cares.

  11. First of all, no heterosexual man cares that much about his looks, second of all, as far as I’m concerned, that entire set is DL: Derek Tramel’s color-struck/minimum wage working ass and his former fuck buddy Steven Beck, Flashman Wade and his “brother” Chad Davis, Seth Holbrook with the Maryland tattoo and his “bff” Jeramie Hollins, Kellon, Hayden, that guy with the eyebrows who asked Jamari to take his pics off the site, James Hatchell the big lip Que Dogg, T Pindell, G. Hill, Travis Cure, Lamont Johnson, those Dominican strippers, and 99.9995% of Marvin Bienaime and foto119’s boys, the onlyfans hustlers, the beard group guys, the failed athletes turned sugar foxes, the insufferable insta-trainers, insta-foxes, jackals, pineapples, hyenas, and wolves.

    They all DM one another, crash on each other’s couches, and play in each others tails when they’re not escorting.

    Don’t be surprised to read about one of them committing suicide because they were truly depressed from lying about how great their lives were. All that time they pretended to be the shit, they really hated their sorry ass lives.

    I have my own Star Fox, and he once told me, “It’s hard work proving to others that they aren’t lonely”.

    We [the Black gay community] have a tendency of supporting people who want nothing to do with us. It’s our fault for creating these monsters because we give these attentionistos a fan base.

    P.S.: I peeped the t-shirt shade in his video.

    Bonus: Derek showing them cakes:

    1. ^this is why i love the foxhole.
      we are realist here.
      even when i live in fantasy,
      someone comes and brings me down to earth.
      thank you for leaving this comment.
      i hope someone who was looking at these folks like they’re living the good life can see past their highlight reels.
      most of them are miserable.

      and whoa at derek!
      who took that picture????

        1. ^they need to realize there is a bounty on their nudes,
          sex tapes,
          and other personal information.
          the best response is no response.
          the moment they start defending who they are,
          folks are gonna come out the woodwork.
          the fact there is a picture of this shows he:

          a) messes with common folks
          b) he is one of those that the hyenas and jackals want to out

          …allegedly fonting,
          of course

  12. Who is he again. Oh just another Insta-celeb covered with a tats and a mouth bigger than his bank account.. Tsk..Tsk..

  13. Wording is very important to me. I heard him say, “i prefer women”…prefer? Prefer..meaning you have tried both and have a liking towards one over the other? Hmm. I don’t think he should have said a thing.

  14. I guess if you’re getting paid to fuck and get fucked by dudes you’re not gay 🤔. Boy just say you’re bi or it’s no one business and keep
    It moving. There are tales and receipts about him and his best friend(s) from coast to coast 🙄.

  15. Looks like someone wants to be “relevant” again. Too late.
    The spotlight has come and gone.

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