Our First Black Wolf Is Spotted Trying To Rescue Cardi B

so tank wanted to grace us with his opinion on ig live yesterday.
well the big bad bullies who are coming after the poor helpless cardi b.
you know,
she is the victim here.
this is what he had to say


i have a question…

Do black males in Hollywood ever come to the defense of black vixens?

now i like tank and all,
but i’ll need him to remove the cape.
i hate this “she is being herself” rhetoric.
when black vixens are “themselves”,
they usually have to work harder than “others”.
black folks,
in general,
are usually at the bottom in all we do.
tank should know this as a black male in hollywood.
there are “others” who are pushed to sing in his same genre.
“blued eyed soul” it’s being called now?
they’re getting worldwide love,
all while that same tank is a “who?” to anyone outside of his own.
i will need tank to stop talking,
but i’m glad he recognizes there is an agenda with cardi.
so if we can see this…

Am I the only one confused that it’s okay?

lowkey: i remember when they all rushed to miley cyrus defense.
you see how that turned out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Our First Black Wolf Is Spotted Trying To Rescue Cardi B”

  1. I expect nothing less from these black men, they’ll walk through fire for anything light, bright, and damn near white with pink nipples🤷🏾‍♂️

    It’s dead silence when it comes to Korryn Gaines and Sandra Bland though. They weren’t loud and outspoken in the ways they liked😒

    1. @Jay

      “Sandra Bland?” WTF!
      You do know Sandra Bland was an outspoken homophobe right? She was a cray cray bih who would spit on your gay azz before calling the fire department if you were on fire. The receipts are out there. Let your keyboard do the walking.

      1. A. I’m not gay.
        B. Her homophobic comments should not exclude her from being protected. I’m sure officers did not ask her how she feels about the LGBT community. Plenty of gay men and women were still out there protesting on her behalf.

  2. Wow, tank said it best! Yes, she has a brand that started first LHH and then she found that moment to take off. I wonder the same with Joseline hernadez but she comes off as jealous.

  3. Should he be trusted… With some of his past comments related to dark skinned women and other foolish remarks he has made

  4. Why is Cardi’s success conjuring such strong emotion? It seems easier to simply have your opinions the focus one’s energy toward more talented artists. Cardi shouldn’t have to apologize for your her success especially if she didn’t do anything disingenuous to get there.

    Ab is definitely more talented than Cardi but fuck her tbh. I’ll never align with a bully.

  5. Why we just can’t support people for who they are, I understand what Azealia was talking about, but at the same time everybody is not trying to listen to lemonade for the club. Cardi’s music is the same music that is being used by all the males in hip hop, and they wrote a lot of the lyrics. I just don’t think it’s such a big issue. Over time I’m sure she will progress.

  6. Cardio B sudden success?? I just went to YouTube and listened to a few of her songs and all she’s doing is having a casual conversation and their’s music playing in the background….


    I need to listen to more because from what I’m hearing from Cardi B right now…

    It’s an album and she got blonde hair or something with her lips cocked to the side.

    Some people work their way to the top, some people f**k their way to the top.

    You never know these days what’s going on in the inside…and why some folks fade out….

  7. Jamari, it’s clear that you must be a dark skinned dude that has a problem with light skin people. The same type of dark skin dude that felt inferior to light skin people growing up. A dude who probably didn’t consider light skin people Black either. Now you’ve grown up, have a little platform and want to use it to spew ignorance. One day you’re calling people from Latin America “Spanish.” Then one day you’re riding Cardi’s dick and just like a typical fake industry dude, you are, you flip flopped. Also, do your homework to see who the founders of hip-hop culture–as a whole–are. SMH.

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