Straight Twinks Are In This Season!

…well “the new york times”,
of all things,
seems to think so.
according to the article,
twinks are becoming trendy.
this is what they’re pushing now…

But the latest twinks — many of whom are straight — are what you might call “art twinks,” building upon an aesthetic legacy established by Ryan McGinley’s turn-of-the-millennium photographs of the sloppily skinny, or last decade’s leather-pant-clad Saint Laurent models chosen by the designer Hedi Slimane. And yet they are more culturally mainstream: a growing cohort of famous (and famously small) boys who stand in opposition to the lumbering, abusive oafs who have been dominating this year’s headlines.

Consider, for example, Tye Sheridan, the 21-year-old lead in “Ready Player One” — and one of few action heroes who won’t be busting out of his T-shirt anytime soon. Or the rising star Lucas Hedges, also 21, whose acting exudes anti-alpha softness. Christopher Nolan’s 2017 World War II epic “Dunkirk” was an ensemble showpiece of British twinkiness; “Love, Simon,” starring Nick Robinson, 23, is the American suburban version.

Female body types have always cycled in and out of style; yet with men, alternatives to the ideal of imposing physicality have usually been ignored or lampooned. But as women continue to use their voices to undo that legacy of toxic masculinity, a different kind of change is taking place from within the culture: These twinks, after all, aren’t just enviably lean boys or the latest unrealistic gay fantasy, but a new answer to the problem of what makes a man.

here i go gaining some weight,
getting meat all on my tail and thighs,
and now i’m “out of season” according to society.
can i win?
twinks seem to be the new trend in black gay porn too…

Is the “new york times” onto something?
i had to wonder…

Work Out Warriors are out; The Age of Twinks are in?

lowkey: these ig personal trainers would DIE if they come home,
walk in the bedroom,
and some straight twink is re-arranging their vixen’s guts.

read the entire article: NEW YORK TIMES

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Straight Twinks Are In This Season!”

  1. can I be real?

    I honestly have a HUGE issue with myself, because i hate how I look. i’m gna drop some cony measurements, I know, but i’m 6’5, 240 pounds and I really wish i was smaller.

    I realized that my personality doesn’t match my frame. I’m not someone who wants to be noticed whenever he walks somewhere, or overlooked because the kind of guy I want is into people who are smaller than them.

    And it’s weird because people can and sometimes do feel insecure around taller people, and i’m not into guys who like tall guys because they want some sort of “daddy will provide” fantasy.

    But every guy I’ve ever shown interest in plays straight and they casually mention my height because it makes them feel no longer in charge.

    I wish i was a twink, merely because I want to know what it feels like to be swaddled in someones arms, to not have to maneuver in a world built for someone smaller, to be able to play around and not seem imposing.

    But i’m trapped in what the article makes it seem like an out of date model. I can’t sj]shrink, and if i decided to get leaner i would likely come off as lanky.

    I’ll make do, but i kinda wish this wasn’t what i’d have to work with.

    1. ^this is a deep ass comment.
      it’s so interesting how we all have issues within the skin we are in.

      i’d like to hear more of these comments.
      anyone else want to share?

    2. Im 6’4 and 190lb so Im on the other side of the spectrum in terms of weight. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the whole “lanky” thing. That’s why I’ve been training at the gym for 4 years and gained muscle mass because I hated being skinny. When you’re tall your skinny frame is emphasised times 10, it makes you feel awkward. Just look at Snoop Dogg.

      I hate being noticed too. Thats how it is for us tall people. We get attention without asking for it and it gets overwhelming for those of us who are socially awkward or just hate attention in general.

      Yes people typically are intimidated by tall people or feel insecure around us. The body language speaks for itself. It sucks because you feel like guys will be scared to approach you based on your height, it intimidates them. I hate guys who fetishise tall dudes because they want that daddy fantasy also. Its a major turn off for me.

  2. Being a gay black man that’s not attractive enough makes dating difficult as hell in some places.

    I’m 5’11 and 210 pounds. Unfortunately we picked the hell out of my acne that I started getting in my pre-teens leaving me with scars, black spots, and an uneven complexion. I was more overweight at a young age, so even if I got fit I’ll have more loose skin.

    I stay in Muskegon Heights where it seems like most gay men are closeted for their safety. If you’re not remotely attractive and not feminine, how will men know you’re interested? I’ve been considering acting more feminine just to put myself out there.

  3. This article is honestly nothing new. From what I understand it’s less of “muscles are out, lanky is in” and more saying that thin lanky frames can now be seen as a beauty standard with this new social climate in mainstream media. I go to an art school and let me just tell you that this article is full of some artsy bullshit. My problem is that the article associates the “twink” body type as being the exact opposite of toxic masculinity. Their are twinks that are bigger fuckboys than a lot of muscle heads out there. I see this as the new “dad bod” than anything else.

  4. I haven’t been into skinny dudes since I was in High School. Once I started working out in my late teen years and gained muscle mass, my attention shifted towards athletic/muscular men. Which I don’t like because they typically come with ego and tend to be douches, but it is what it is for now lol

  5. Well I’m 5’11 and 227 pounds…most ppl would call me muscle thick. It’s always interesting for me hearing men who have body issues and insecurities because even though I’ve met men who made comments like “If you lean this size I’d marry you right away!” Or “You’re not my type, I like slimmer guys but you’re handsome as hell though!” None of those things made me insecure about who I am.

    I really love myself and the way I look. I genuinely believe that I don’t have to be attractive to everybody but that I am attractive regardless and all of the guys that I went after were crazy into me and my body type 95% of the time. My confidence has a lot to do with it along with my transparency.

    It sounds cliche as fuck but it’s true. Gay black men’s standards of beauty are pretty typical but so are women’s and so are Herero men but that don’t mean shit! I walk around every day with all of hose three staring at me like damn he looks good, because I made the choice to appreciate what I look like and celebrate it.

    Nothing like self love first my people!! ✊🏿💪🏿

  6. Jamari said: “here i go gaining some weight,
    getting meat all on my tail and thighs,
    and now i’m “out of season”…
    can i win?”
    ^^^ LMAO 🤣 I don’t know why I found this little comment so cute and funny.
    But as for the article, I think it’s just another ingredient that contributes to the body dysmorphic disorders both gay and straight men suffer from. In essence, the article is bullshit and should be ignored by those of us who know better. I’m not saying these issues aren’t real or prevalent among some men [as the comments on this story has revealed] , I’m just saying these types of articles do more harm than good. I’m also wondering who was the white straight female millennial (or possibly the white male homo) who took it upon themselves to declare we are now in the age of “Twink’dom?”

    Chyle please! They need to miss me with this foolishness. Just give me a man who has decent proportions and we can deal.

    1. Man fuck that!!! White folks standards have never been “ours”!!! We as people have color have always like meat whether it be a little too much for some people’s taste or right in the middle. As for porn the thicker to even I would say bigger boys winning right now more than I saw in the late 90’s when I started watching porn. Slimmies every damn video, none that look like me!! This is just a another way to control people. Jamari I am pretty sure you look perfectly fine with your new found thickness. If you are confocomfor keep it!!! Fuck the trend it comes and it goes and this particular one may be an attempt to make men appear less threatening considering the current tide we are in socially. Think about it…

    2. Hold up, nope millennials ain’t catching the fall for this one. Thick is in right now. Millennials are all about Ashley Gram and Zach Miko. This has ‘stuck in their ways’ baby boomers or gen x written all over it. Millennials did not start the twinks trend, we brought in dad bods and beards. I got money on it being some old white man that’s obsessed with fashion.

      1. I agree. Thick dudes are definitely pulling their own!
        I’m not into the skinny-ass twink type. not my style. I like a lil’ meat on the bones. LOL

  7. I’m only 5’5 and roughly 140lbs.. I like lean guys but not like “twink”. Sorry, but a man has to have something I can grip on to and most blacks like thickness or meaty bodies. It’s summer time so “twinks” “mannequin girls” are in for beach weather..

    I’m sorta kinda stereotyping but white gay men…old ones at that are into twinks and the young boy look.

    I’ve yet to watch one single RCT vid..and that’s cuz I saw twink in the title but everyone has their niche..Im just not on this twink train..beards either. Every man don’t look good with a beard like they think..but to each their own… I’ll take a clean cut brother over Cocoa Santa Claus any day.

  8. I’ve seen this coming, seeing these muscular dudes getting juiced up and being pared with lean tone body types because they were packing heat! I’ve been lean myself and had no problem reeling in these fine dudes. However, I haven’t seen to many in relationship, just fly by night hookup.

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