Can You Love Someone White and Still Be Woke? (Donald Glover Answers)

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so as you know,
or didn’t,
but ^that is donald glover’s wife.
she is definitely not black and for some,
she doesn’t match his “woke” stance.
during an interview with blogzilla for the new star wars movie,
he asked donald this question:

…and this is what he responded with:

a whole lot of “what?”.
in my opinion,
and i’ve said it before,
but i found it weird someone can be “woke” or “pro black”,
but their #relationshipgoals is with someone white.
you can’t be out here talmbout how whites are trash,
but going to bed with your alleged oppressor every night.
it’s very weird to me,
but then it took me down the rabbit hole in my mind.
you know i love going down there.

so what if you’ve been single for a while,
no blacks have been checking for you,
but you meet someone of your dreams in a white package?
i mean hashtag #everythinggoals.

Do you turn them down?

in the life,
some black wolves don’t really be checkin for some of us.
we can spend years looking for #blackboyjoy and find nothing.
remember karamo from “the real world”?
he was allegedly “pro black” and look at who he is marrying now:

i will always love black males first,
but i had to wonder…

What if i met the wolf of my dreams and fantasies…
but he happens to be white?

do i send him on his way,
while waiting for the black wolf to show up?
what if i do all that waiting and he turns out to be trash?
at least i’ll be with someone black,

white males don’t really understand the black struggle.
they can agree something was wrong,
but they won’t “get it” like your black mate will.
dating them can be cool ,
until some racist shit goes down,
and they might fuck around and say…

“I don’t see how that is racist…”

…and boom goes the dynamite.

it’s all very complicated nowadays.
i feel like some of “us” get with whites and coon tf out.
those are the raccoons driven by self hate.
others were lonely,
met someone white,
ended up falling in love,
but don’t lose their proud blackness just because.
if you are proud of your blackness tho,
and was very outspoken in the past about whites,
i can see how it may trigger others to judge.
the way how racism is so blatant now,
it’s hard to really trust most white folks these days.
much less letting one into your home and inside you.
some black folks love to judge and make “rules” for society,
but we don’t truly support our own as we should.
it’s trendy to be “woke” as it is to “drag” everyone.
the ones dragging are far from perfect and miserable af.
i don’t know what to think or do anymore.
so i thought i’d ask the foxhole your thoughts on this subject.
maybe you can help me figure all this shit out.

lowkey: if i ever dealt a white wolf,
he would have to be on the same physical as…

 chris evans or hemsworth.
it would be hard to turn a look like that down,
especially if you’re lonely and in need of some…

42 thoughts on “Can You Love Someone White and Still Be Woke? (Donald Glover Answers)

  1. Does Pro Black mean Anti white?

    You connect with more than just what you see.. if it’s only what you see there’s no depth.. I’m like let people love who they love..

  2. No one has the right to tell someone who their partner should be We as gay of all people should know this It never ceases to amaze me that the same bigoted language used by straights against us we use towards other people

    It is a paadox how some “woke” African Americans choose to marry Whites If they are helping the community it doesn’t matter who they are with God sometimes uses evil people to help the good Not that I am calling them evil T I is married to an African American and he recently did a track with Kanye

    Some White people have also helped the cause I welcome help from what ever the source and who ever someone chooses to be their partner is none of my business

  3. NO you can not. The end.

    And Donald always strikes me as the type to always date outside his race deliberately. Didn’t care for the song (shrugs) and don’t care for his music in general lol.

    But REDBONE is my shit!! Thats probably his best song IMO, but then again I don’t listen to his music so what do I know.

  4. Can you be woke or pro-black and be with a non-black? NO. The basis foundation of any pro-black struggle has always been the black family. Purposefully marrying a black person, having black kids and creating a successful black unit is what pushes the race and culture forward. You simply cannot create that with a white spouse. When you marry white, you marry their culture therefore you marry white supremacy. Yes, you can speak up for black causes but who can you justify your “wokeness” laying up with someone who’s grandparents would have spit in the faces of yours 50 years ago? You cannot fight white supremacy while fucking and marrying its daughters. How do you justify being pro-black when at the end of the day you DIDNT even think enough of your own people to create the most essential part…the black family.

    1. YES, Caz!

      This is my exact thinking and I was waiting for someone to share this perspective.

      Being pro-black and marrying a white person IMO has such a heavy sense of contradiction that it makes you wonder how “woke” that supposed pro-black black person really is. At best, if a pro-black person marries white, it diminishes their pro-blackness. Sure, they can still contribute to the cause. Maybe their non-black spouse can throw in some help too.

      But are they really “all-in” for their people as they claim? I think not.

      The most potent (and maybe even radical, in the eyes of some white people) act of pro-blackness is marrying black and having black children. To me, if you were truly “woke” you would know the the history behind the discord that white supremacy has created between the black man and black woman and how black families have been torn apart throughout history because of the actions of whites and their forefathers.

      I get that “love conquers all” and people just want to be with someone that makes them happy blah blah blah. I really get it. It’s not easy to find a suitable partner as a black gay male these days (its clearly not easy for black women either).

      But, IMO, if you are a true proponent of the pro-black “cause”, you should have a black partner by your side because you know how important it is for the culture.

  5. I can kind of feel Donald. He’s not the “traditional” black man that black women are looking for. I’m somewhat in the same boat, I have unusual interest for a black guy, and trying to find a black woman to date is HARD.

    Then I have to contend with Black women that are educated or make more money than me (which I personally think is a turn on) and, “don’t need a man.” So it is what it is. When you find love, with someone of any race, you better take that shit and run.

    We can’t control who and what we are attracted to.

    Besides, black people don’t support other black people.

  6. I’ll come clean… I have smashed out some white guys and I have all noticed something similar in them all.

    They only fetishize us that’s it

    And that has caused me to stay clear of them relationship wise.

    look at these pornos in western entertainment look at how they treat us like gods
    Got to any Ametuer pornhub vid

    and in the streets the shun is because they are subconsciously ashamed of the truth

    It’s all very telling

    And it’s all in cycles they dominate only to end up submitting look at the opioid epidemic too much shame so they plot and plan society into what it is today

    Think about it genetically

    Our black bodies generate too much universal elemental energy which their bodies cannot

    don’t let this new age stuff confuse you this is ancient

    A black people continuing is a threat to their existence notice how everything’s so separated and everything attempts to keep us separate

    White people know this and they’re in scramble mode

    As a matter of fact due to being raised in a single home by a broken hearted woman I avoided black people due to a understanding that we as a collective had nothing

    But I knew even as a kid white people had everything but I knew at a gut level they weren’t shit

    So I left the country

    I married out of my race to an Asian to move up and I’m miserable

    Real talk I know now

    Just fuck white people for information
    And black guys are the ones to live life with because it’s your lover and your brother in the end.

    And get your spiritual game up I happen to be in the first time glad I’m gay because I’m not obligated nor want to bring a child into this world especially how grim it’s working for black people

    Judge me if you want I don’t care just giving you my slice hope it helps someone

  7. One thing i’ve noticed for a while now, is the more pro black and hyper militant someone is, the more likely they are to date outside their race. Honestly this whole “wokeness” act is just a persona and many of them secretly yearn for white acceptance. Just look at how many of these black activist tweet about how evil white people are all day, only for their likes/favorites to be filled with nothing by sexy, half naked white people.

    1. Some of them are just really jealous of white men so they pretend to be woke. Smashing and marrying white women is a victory to them.

      Exactly why it’s very hard to tell who’s really for black people these days. Most of these dudes are just doing lip service and collecting coins in the process.

      1. ^yall exposing these “woke” shenanigans and ill allow it.
        my eyes are open because i was ignorant to it all.
        i was caught up in hoopla.
        smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Well…can you be pro black and date a non black person? Idk…Can you be pro-white and date a black person? Have you ever heard of the white American groups organizing white pride? Or how about the white men that rant on about America is made for everyone except the heterosexual white male? Did you know that there is a website currently that is talking about white genocide because the white American feels “their country” is being overran? Did you know that their is an a proposed deadline for people of color, as they will become the minority by 2055?

    Did you know that a lot of Latinos are taking a flight to white? A lot are identifying as white more often.

    Hey! Okay.. check this out… let’s say I’m a member of the KKK clubhouse, Member number 42 to be exact. I got my white curtain drapes from Walmart on, my insta-click flammable Jesus cross candles in hand, and a pack of WHITE Orbitz gum. I’m ready to scream and shout…WHYTE POWA!!!

    During Wednesday night revival service at the White Power Revolutionary Communication Supremacy Baptist Church, I announce to my fellow Ghosts that I am getting married. They all rejoice and we shout WHYTE POWA together. I then say to them the person is black…*crickets*

    What does this all mean? Absolutely nothing. I just wanted to talk about the KKK.

    There is an area about 45 minutes from where I live outside of my city. Being new to the area, When I needed a place to film a college project, I suggested there. One of my black colleagues said..NO!!!…black people don’t go there…you don’t wanna be caught there at night there…Why I asked?

    Me: Oh…the Ghosts.


    Oh, yeah, do you know that if you’re an up and coming Black male on the Entertainment scene, you need to be seen with a white person. Have you ever seen those movies where the white person helps make the black person a better person, ya know the white saviour movies? It’s like that sometimes in the real world. Having a white person by your side is symbolic of having an alternate source of power..a safety net. Same with porn…

    Do I think you can be pro black and date a white person? It’s possible…but everyone is not in it for the same reasons. Some interracial couples do love each other. Some black men are hobosexuals too & quite a few are D-Downers.Dick downers. If you take care of them, they will dick you down faithfully. Dick is their currency & you vaggy or boogina is the deposit slip.

    Honestly, sometimes I like to see black women date Asians. I actually like seeing black women with Asian men for some reason…Hmmm

  9. Google Pew Research Center Trends and Patterns on Intermarriage if you want to know the facts about which groups intermarry the most and definitely isn’t blacks.

  10. @S&M: Here’s another thing I noticed. In the rare cases asian, indian, jewish, or muslim people marry someone that deviates they make them submit and change their religion or culture. They make these white people show respect to the elders in their families.

    When we marry into white families we completely assimilate and endure their racist relatives all the while leaving our black family behind.

    1. You know it is all impacted by the home and culture in which one is raised. I tend to find families that have those same virtues tend to be African homes, and not the americanized ones. My ex was Nigerian and his family was on some I’ll be damned if you bring home a white woman to this tribe, even had arrange marriage back ups. I find it so interesting that some Africans take time off and tend to fly back home to find a significant other rather than deal with our cultures traditions.

      For decades black families have been assaulted and dealt blow after blow that and semblance of stability no matter how tiny, one person will change at the drop of a dime to assimilate and not just white families. Asians (Indian, Chinese, Korean, etc.) do the same to those who go against the grain

  11. Yes you can be pro black or woke and date or love a non black person.I’ve used the examples of Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne but there are many others.They were actors and civil rights activists and have/had white spouses.Karamo Brown is pro black IMO ,he advocates for black fathers(he has 2 sons).He speaks against racial profiling,police brutality,he’s an HIV/AIDS activist and his partner of 8 years Ian,is supportive of his activism.

    On the other side,there are lots of black people, who ONLY date black people, who don’t give AF about the black community,who only care about themselves so are they pro black?

    1. Harry Belafonte? The same one who told Eartha Kitt he wouldn’t date her because she couldn’t do anything for him?

      Lena Horne was also very nasty to almost every other major black actor of her time she considered to be a threat. Doesn’t take away from her many contributions but it does make for an interesting debate about whether she was for all black people or wanted privilege herself.

      Are those other black people propping themselves up as being woke though?

      I know personally with my upbringing it was always impressed upon me to marry black, have black ass kids that go to black schools and live in a house I own in a black neighborhood and support black businesses.

      Other cultures do the same thing, but that line of thinking kind of fell by the wayside with us.

      1. I know the same is pressed upon Indian & Chinese people without a blink of an eye

        It is true that we should support black businesses but some try to take advantage of the black dollar I’m starting to notice.

  12. After watching the video, it confirmed what I assumed having not seen or listened to any of his projects.

    He might be creative, but he isn’t all that intellectual. There’s a difference.

  13. You are damned if you do or damned if you don’t. I only see it as an issue when you happen to fall in love and let that person change your entire self worth.

    I was recently reading this article where they gave statistics about the rates of intermarriage…”The share of recently married blacks with a spouse of a different race or ethnicity has more than tripled, from 5% in 1980 to 18% in 2015.”

    Black men are twice as likely as black women to have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity (24% vs. 12%). This gender gap has been a long-standing one – in 1980, 8% of recently married black men and 3% of their female counterparts were married to someone of a different race or ethnicity.

    For black newlyweds, intermarriage rates are slightly higher among those with a bachelor’s degree or more (21%). Among those with some college, 17% have married someone of a different race or ethnicity, as have 15% of those with a high school diploma or less.

    Intermarriage has risen dramatically at all education levels for blacks, with the biggest proportional increases occurring among those with the least education. In 1980, just 5% of black newlyweds with a high school diploma or less had intermarried – a number that has since tripled. Rates of intermarriage have more than doubled at higher education levels, from 7% among those with some college experience and 8% among those with a bachelor’s degree.

    Among black newlyweds, there are distinct gender differences in intermarriage across education levels. In 2015, the rate of intermarriage varied by education only slightly among recently married black women: 10% of those with some college or less had intermarried compared with 13% of those with a bachelor’s degree or more. Meanwhile, among newly married black men, higher education is clearly associated with higher intermarriage rates. While 17% of those with a high school diploma or less had a spouse of a different race or ethnicity in 2015, this share rose to 24% for those with some college and to 30% for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

    1. More recently there was a podcast on how typically more black women are starting to marry down in a sense just to stay faithful to a group of men that barely want to acknowledge the beauty in their own unless they are exotic / mixed race.

      Myself I know I will have a hard time even finding a black husband due to my level of education. I could tell you how many times once I start spouting off how many degrees, life goals and where I see myself going blah blah blah, I always here I must be one of those uppity black women that don’t need a man rhetoric simply because of their own insecurities in which they’ve done nothing to self improve.

      1. ^one of my home vixens is the same way!
        she is educated and has a great job.
        i told her to keep that a secret when going out to meet males.
        that can be intimidating and a lot of the uppity ones shot down black males who were pretty good,
        but didn’t make the same amount or higher in salary.

      2. I can say from experience dating someone, especially a black male, that makes less than you can take a toll in your relationship. I shoot down once i start seeing the male ego pride thing start taking into effect. its frustrating because I tend to find those that don’t seem to care are those who aren’t worth dating and will gladly spend your money. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      3. At the end of the day, you go home either alone or with someone. Others opinions shouldn’t dictate happiness or life choices

    2. ^this is deep.

      i find we like to big up black vixens for dating out,
      but condemn black males.
      this is another question i have.

      1. Well I find you will more than likely find a black woman dating a man that is worth her time and effort. Like look at Serena, Iman, or Eve. Generally when you find someone that is outside of your race, I tend to see they are those who are on the same level or projected to help elevate your own life, because other races don’t have the same struggle and benefit from certain privileges than black men.

        1. ^hmm…
          this gave me chills s&m.
          you are on the money.

          are they trustworthy tho?
          i’m having a hard time seeing a majority of white folks genuinely with all that’s going on the news/society.
          tang has really made some of the whites show their whole tails.
          it’s like you gotta wait for the other shoe to drop.

      2. Sure some black women sell out, but a lot of them literally have no other choice.

        I was talking to women in my graduate program and all the black women literally said “education is the best birth control” because black men are not interested in women more educated than themselves. If it would’ve been just one woman, I would’ve said “she must be crazy”, but if five attractive black women with professional degrees in business and engineering are saying the same thing…

        Now you add to that high incarceration rates, gay, and not ready or willing to settle down and start a family.

        Women’s eggs start drying up at 30 and they still have to compete with women still in their 20’s.

      3. That question could be asked whether you’re dating someone in your own race or not. Look at all the stories you’ve told of your past wolf situations.

  14. In short…NO.

    You can’t have it both ways. Black men want to be woke and smash, marry, and procreate with white women like they’re not an extension of white supremacy, just white men lmao.

    You can still be an ally though. John Legend does it perfectly.

    I take issue with black people building wealth with non-black partners off the money of black people. Don’t be out here talking about “support black business” or trying to get the hook-up from black women.

    I never believed Donald Glover. He’s one of those alternative black dudes that lowkey thinks he’s better than black people. He’s not doing anything but capitalizing on the politically charged climate.

    He also admittedly engages in raceplay and fetishizes asian women, calling filipino women “the black girl asians”.

    1. ^i can see your point.
      some of these black males love white pussy.
      they end up ruining their careers as well.
      donald allegedly said he would never marry anyone of another race and wants someone as racist as he is.

      i wonder what changed?

      truthfully speaking,
      most black vixens would find donald corny if he was a regular random.
      so is it “we” aren’t giving those a chance and they find love within white arms?

  15. I love Donald, but I feel his answer in this interview completely contradicts his answer from the breakfast club of a question which was similar. Maybe this could be put down to change of heart or just the power of the snow kitty cat *Kanye shrugs*
    Drawing from my own experiences, I have always put black men first but the city I moved to for college in the North of England has a shortage of gay black men. Its that or the few here do not date their own race which can be quite disheartening. This has lead me to date snow wolves, I have met trash who got discarded swiftly but at the same time I have come across really good guys who are open to learning about black culture and just willing to learn how to act from their own ignorance which is not willful at all but a result of behaviors from upbringing that need to be unlearn t. Forgive grammar its super late and I’m barely conscious

      1. My motto with everyone I am friends or lovers with is know your people, so I just get to know someone’s background so I can determine whether they are worth my time and what I need to check very early on in the relationship. So yes I guess it’s teaching and seeing if they are willing to learn and grow. If not good bye

  16. I think its a bit hypocritical. I never really understood how a person could love their race so much and then turn around to decide to not be with a member of their own race. What really trips me out though is how common this is with our so called leaders. So many of our freedom fighters preach all this black love, woke empowerment stuff and go home to white lovers. Its always been odd to me. Im not against interracial love at all but if i was a black leader with a white lover, i know for a fact that I would feel like a contradiction.

    1. ^why do i feel most black males are the WORST when it comes to dating outside their race?
      they go extra hard bigging up their white gods and goddesses.
      are black vixens that bad when they date outside their races?

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