Can You Love Someone White and Still Be Woke? (Donald Glover Answers)

photo credit: akm-gsi-xposure

so as you know,
or didn’t,
but ^that is donald glover’s wife.
she is definitely not black and for some,
she doesn’t match his “woke” stance.
during an interview with blogzilla for the new star wars movie,
he asked donald this question:

…and this is what he responded with:

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You Can Be “Woke” and Sleep At The Same Time?

i’m not that fox.
the one who will start a march and protest for hours.
that takes dedication.
i am the fox who will use his platform to write about injustice.
since i have a strong reach,
i pass the message along and support those who do.
that is my truth.
i am honest enough admit that truth.
i won’t pretend to be something i’m not.
i won’t gas you up to be let down if i don’t follow through.
that being said,
i feel like black vixens are better at this…

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Katy Perry Awakens Her “Woke” For Her New Single

i really like ^this picture of katy perry.
so katy released a new song called “chained to the rhythm”.
it features skip marley and was co-written by the fav,

during the release,
she rolled out a lyric video and well…
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A “Woke” Tremaine Is A “Get This Foxhole” Tremaine

there are many things that turn me on about tremaine neverson.
^that picture is one of them.
well even though tremaine was acting a plum fool a few weeks ago,
it doesn’t stop him from being woke.
he always drops good brain on his twitter ever so often.
so the VP jackal of this country,
mike pence,
tweeted this:

…and then tremaine responded with this

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Always Remember: We Have “A Seat At The Table” (Solange)

solange-a-seat-at-the-table-book-1475087745-compressedit looks like the knowles vixens are woke.
so i love solange.
i have always admired her fearless attitude,
but i have always been a huge fan of her music.
star fox and i kilt “sol-angel and the hadley st. dreams”.
every time she releases an album,
i relate to whatever she is going through.
i have all of her albums,
including that first one,
“solo star” where she was something she wasn’t.
like most siblings who live in the shadow of “the golden cub”,
they tend to be more “aware” with their rebellion.
solange is that to me.
so she released her album yesterday,
“a seat at the table”,
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Colin Kaepernick’s Socks Matched His Wokeness

8-5_zps616a3dd4colin kaepernick is not playing this season.
oh he’ll still be playing football for the 49ers.
he just ain’t playing with the snow jackals,
especially the ones in blue.
colin’s new era,
is off to a good start.
he was at practice and wore these socks
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