Katy Perry Awakens Her “Woke” For Her New Single

i really like ^this picture of katy perry.
so katy released a new song called “chained to the rhythm”.
it features skip marley and was co-written by the fav,

during the release,
she rolled out a lyric video and well…

at first,
i didn’t like it.
thought it was a forgettable song.
i liked the “to the rhythm, to the rhythm” part in the chorus.
with katy songs,
most tend to be a grower.
it wasn’t until i read the lyrics,
i was feeling the “woke” of it.
as of late,
she has been doing a lot of protesting with her platform.
someone broke down the song and lyric video on her youtube:

“I don’t think people understand the song or the video. The song is about conformity and not being aware of what’s around you. The hamster in the ball represents trying to move forward but not progressing, because he doesn’t realize there’s more surrounding him than the ball he’s in (kinda like Plato’s cavern). The hamster watching the other hamster is just eerie because he’s not doing anything, just sitting there and watching someone else running but not reaching anything. He’s even being fed, kinda like we are fed information and just swallow it without questioning it. Being chained to the rhythm means being chained to what’s going on in the world, and not being able to break free from it. I think the song is amazing, and the video compliments it perfectly!”

see i love that shit.
 earlier “madonna”use to make music like this as well.
there was a hidden meaning behind her lyrics.

i think for this era of music,
the “woke/finding yourself” route may be best.
like “seat at the table”,
“to pimp a butterly”,
“4 your eyez only”,
“rhythm nation 1814”,
and even the rebellion of “anti”.
i want to hear music that will inspire and make me feel good.
the president in the white house has the world going left.
nothing is better than music that will awaken the fight in you.
we need music that has a message.
it takes us from feeling held down to holding our heads high.
most of us are dealing with hardships nowadays.
“whats going on” by marvin gaye,
and music from that era,
is still relevant even today.

that doesn’t mean artists can’t have a ratchet song or three

…but i think music without a purpose isn’t best option.
this katy song is a cool with me.
i’m interested to see what route she takes this era.

lowkey: she came hard this go round.
she partnered with my favs,
to back this era.
she also promoting this weekend at the grammys.
not bad.
she always releases her music well.

8 thoughts on “Katy Perry Awakens Her “Woke” For Her New Single

  1. I thought the video was cute but I wasn’t feeling the song. As you said it might be a grower.

    P.S. I would love to know your thoughts on the new kehlani album

  2. Yeah Katy P. came through with this one. I like that most of her music has a underlying message, either to entertain or enlighten, but still has a fun basis. And the blonde (which is closer to her natural color) is giving me LIFE.

      1. I wouldn’t say she is failing, she just chose to take her sound on a different route. Unfortunately, the majority of the public isn’t open to take that route with her, rather wanting her to remain the same. I personally enjoy that Gaga has switched it up, but it seems that I’m in the minority.

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