beyonce, and break my soul, broke my damn soul (ugh)

i don’t know about you but my soul has been struggling.
for the last 2 years,
it has been a constant reminder of where we are.

Adapting post-Rona and all that is (some of us who lost loved ones)
How the lockdown sent some of us into legit madness
The surge in violence
Our government is on something other than the beaten path
Inflation killing our wallets
Food shortages and a potential recession
Worry about what the future will hold for all of us

we are dealing with a lot right now.
people are trying to find their happiness again.
here comes the resurgence of house and dance records.
i liked drake‘s effort as he experimented with his dance record.
beyonce and her new song,
break my soul,

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adele is right on time to give us “sad girl fall”

you couldn’t not tell me adele’s first single would be a reggae-inspired bop.
one that speaks about heartbreak with a fuckboi on a nice dancehall riddim.
it would have us shouting “bop! bop!” as we weep.
adele teased her new single,
easy on me“,
on her twitter…

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Cardi B Finally Puts “Bodak Yellow” Out It’s Misery With A New Single

cardi b is giving you an early christmas present.
what is it?
a much needed follow up single to “bodak yellow”.
this is “bartier cardi” featuring 21 savage…
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Katy Perry Awakens Her “Woke” For Her New Single

i really like ^this picture of katy perry.
so katy released a new song called “chained to the rhythm”.
it features skip marley and was co-written by the fav,

during the release,
she rolled out a lyric video and well…
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I’m Bout fourfiveseconds From Wyldin’

B8J7XMxCIAADoDZyou ever heard a song that literally described who you were,
or what you were dealing with,
at that very moment?
you had to listen to it over and over because it was like therapy?

well this is it…
my super fav,
along with kanye west and sir paul mccartney,
dropped an acoustic track called “fourfiveseconds” on surprise.
i could not have needed it more…

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