Cardi B Finally Puts “Bodak Yellow” Out It’s Misery With A New Single

cardi b is giving you an early christmas present.
what is it?
a much needed follow up single to “bodak yellow”.
this is “bartier cardi” featuring 21 savage…

how much times did she drop “offset” in that song?
she sounded like him.
all that rhyming the same word…

i think it’s her rap voice that irritates me.
i can see this getting play in the club tho.
i can’t imagine a whole album.
i did like 21 savage’s verse on the track.
i’ll give it a c-.
not moved yet.

lowkey: the other rap vixens should be scared.
cardi b doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.
her jimmy fallon interview…


12 thoughts on “Cardi B Finally Puts “Bodak Yellow” Out It’s Misery With A New Single

  1. Really don’t think Cardi’s music career is going to last that long. Honestly I think the music thing is just the quickest way for her to make a lot of money. Can’t say I blame her. Her look is really en vogue now in hip hop. So im sure tons of money is being thrown her way. Once the music fades whats going to keep her around is that personality of hers. She does have a star quality, that thing that sucks you in and make you like her. I do see her doing shows and sitcoms in the future though, she just needs the right vehicle. Something that shows off her bubbly personality.
    Really hope good things for her.

  2. Someone needs to tell Nicki to chill with the passive aggressiveness and let Cardi have her 15 minutes in the sun. She’s very “hot for the minute”. Nicki needs to focus her pompous ass on a legit SOLO single and album.

    Atlantic Records is essentially paying EVERYONE to promote and play this song just to compete with Nicki Minaj and get under her skin.

    I doubt an album ever actually materializes and if it does, I doubt she can make a good one.

    I also doubt she’s ever going to marry Offset. I’m pretty sure neither is even 25 years old yet and they are way too young and famous to be getting married.

    I actually like Cardi, but I think she’s more of a comedic actress/celebrity.

    1. Yes the passive aggressiveness with Onika is HILARIOUS! I usually like her but it’s so telling at this point. And no shade but NOBODY CARES (apart from the overzealous brain-dead stans) about these throwaway features that she keeps doing just to be talked about. She’s a burn out artist at this point. Onika is shooketh, I won’t be tolerating her until I see a single release. She’s boring me at this point.

      And Cardi is a one trick pony at this point. I’ll give the album a listen but I don’t see it for her as far as longevity is concerned. She’s the real example of a propped up marketing puppet who was used as ploy to make money for Atlantic. When you hear her rap you can tell she’s not an actual seasoned rapper and everything seems forced. Ironically I listened to a Spanish song where she featured on and she sounded way better singing in her native tongue as opposed to rapping. But yes Cardi is likeable outside of music

      Offset only proposed to her because of her clout, she’s hot now and they are exploiting their “engagement” to further their careers. As soon as her flame dims they’ll call it quits. Plus he’s a young rapper, which means he’s about that hoe life just like all of them who can’t keep their peen in their pants.

      1. Her features have gotten better as of late, but the fact she hasn’t used them as buzz to release any solo singles tells me she likely doesn’t have anything worth releasing.

  3. This s-s-suuuucks to her assmar…was neva even feelin Bodak…please raise the bar hip-hop, PLEASE!

  4. The next Iggy, although Onika and I are not on good terms, she doesn’t have anything to worry about. The highest selling female rap artist, richest female rap artist, female artist with the most subscribers, your video video views within 24 hours outperformed Remy and the Asian lady video that had been out for a while. Should I continue with her accomplishments?

    Advice to Onika your next move should be reaching out to female rappers and doing a collab for a song and getting Rhianna to do another feature with you, since the Bee showed you that she is not loyal. Also, you need to reach out to Miley and Taylor to do a feature and do not fall for the beef between two artists and get a collab with Cardi to show your growth and that you are above the bs.

    1. Miley don’t fux with Nicki after that VMA fiasco. Taylor, I doubt she’ll ever collab with Nic. They had “drama” too but also them doing a collab is like Taylor throwing a bone at Nicki, plus ALL of Nicki’s pop features this year flopped. Her rap songs are the ones that actually peaked well on the charts (No Frauds at #14 , Motorsport at #6 and Rake It Up at #8)

      She should have never collaborated with Fergie, that is so backwards. This isn’t 2007 and nobody cares for Fergie anymore. I feel like Nicki could collab with female rappers BUT don’t make it a single, just leave it as a track on the album tracklist. Let’s keep it real these female rappers outside of Cardi & Nicki aren’t marketable and Nic won’t gain anything from doing a single with them.

      But yes Nicki collabrating with Cardi on a single would DEFINITELY give her buzz. But that’s like Beyonce collaborating with Rihanna. When your working with your biggest competition, the last thing you want to be is overshadowed. So I understand why they don’t work together. Imagine all the egos in one room.

  5. I actually like Cardi. I can see what you mean about her voice.

    I think what I like about her is that she just strikes me as a honest person. She is who she is, makes no apologies for it, love it or leave it alone. You can also hear how her artistry has improved since “Cheap Ass Weave”. The song is good, just needed a better hook.

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