Ronnie and Clyde: The Couple That’s Everyone’s Relationship Goals?

i guess this takes “i got cho back” to a whole new meaning.
you look at ^that pic and think what a beautiful couple.
here are some more:

matching phone cases?!?
so cah-utes!”

they both showed out in sephora and well…

well they explained why they tore up that sephora:

i’m all for havin’ my wolf’s back,
but ^this ain’t it.
what if one,
or both,
got killed in this incident?
the whole narrative would have changed with this story.
personally speaking,
you charge at me like you gon’ rabid,
 i won’t hesitate to shoot you.
if i can claim self defense for shooting you in the knee caps,
i’m probably not even gonna be interested in the battle.
for some,
this is #relationshipgoals tho.
in some situations tho…

Can you and your boyfriend/husband walk away?

…because you might legit have to fight for your life.
choose your battles wisely.

lowkey: the lighter one can box.
all that testosterone…
i bet they fucked each other’s brains when they got in the crib.
these straight wolves need to take note.
some of the gays got paws and will you up.

videos cc: matty c carter

24 thoughts on “Ronnie and Clyde: The Couple That’s Everyone’s Relationship Goals?

  1. I highkey laughed my ass off with that tomfoolery and hoodratchery in those fights AND all inside of a makeup store. OMFG!!!

  2. WHO??

    And I don’t follow couples. I remember this light skin couple from the UK would make videos each week talking about marriage and babies and everyone believed their hype. Their whole relationship seemed so contrived and convenient since they branded themselves together as a YouTube couple so of course the sponsors came through. They were invited to events (BET awards) and reaped all the benefits of being “couple goals”. They were also an attractive couple so they probably knew in advance that they could bank off it. Everything about them screamed narcissism.

    You had women calling them lucky and envying them etc. Until one day shit hit the fan and the woman in the relationship exposed the dude about how he really is, and then he made a response video doing the same. Shit got ugly fasttttt LMAO

    Type in Google “Terroll and Nakita”

    Btw these queens are so embarrassing. But then again I’m not surprised.

  3. Theyre trying way too hard with all that matchy match stuff. Looks like they are trying to prove something.

  4. I HATE gay relationship goals couples!

    Ya’ll do know these gay dudes love the illusion of a relationship and will take cute, stylish pictures to post and perpetuate that illusion.

    Meanwhile, the only thing they actually have in common is that they can’t be alone.

    Wouldn’t believe how many of these dudes that are “married” with “cute” wedding photos and proposal videos come on to dudes like me because in reality they’re both bottoms and have an agreement that both can fuck other people on the low as long as they keep up appearances. Some of them even have adopted small children to promote the family image smh.

    Furthermore, that fight looked like two hoodrat women fighting. Neither could handle fighting a real man.

    1. Not saying you’re wrong in this, but you could argue that most straight people fall victim to this too. There aren’t many people creative or innovative enough to carve out their own paths, rather than keeping up with the Jones’. I’m going to take it one step further and just say I hate staged relationships period (i.e. anything IG , snapchat or any of those other platforms) they’re all FAKE!

      Then you have the other 90% of the population that brainlessly aspires to be like the IG people. Gay people are just as stupid and susceptible as anyone else brother. Most are dumb with only about 5-10% of people who think with their brains, if we’re lucky. Why invest any energy in hating them, it’s a waste anyway lol.

      1. BINGO!!!!

        I can’t stand when people over-advertise their relationships either, but it’s definitely not a gay thing. You could probably find more straight IG/youtube couples and gays ones.

      2. I find that only women are susceptible to this on the heterosexual side and usually that coincides with their biological clock ticking, which is a genuine concern with fertility.

        Gay men in particular only like the idea of a relationship, not the real thing that isn’t instagram filters and matching outfits. Lesbians are the exception.

      3. There are all types of gay and straight people out here. Most people have a contrived sense of what a relationship is,especially the younger generations, so I don’t see much of a difference. Either you buy into the bs or you don’t. The difference is, that most people who don’t buy into it are people we don’t see and most people who do, make themselves visible. The gay people who have “normal” relationships are hidden because they don’t feel the need to pimp out their situation for likes. They realize that they’re not important just like everyone else. Maybe there are just more normal people where I live, idk lol. We have the types that you describe, and then we have completely normal people as well so my views are just going to be different. I base my views on what I see in my life, not on whatever’s out here on the internet.

  5. Fighting in a make up store…I couldn’t think of any other place better for clowns too fight at, eh?

    Why do gay men always make video posts with their shirts off? Why are you in bed smoking, talking like you’re underwater about a fight in public, that was not only embarrassing to watch but poorly orchestrated.

    I hope they last well together…

  6. Smh 🤦‍♂️ I didn’t even feeling watching the 14 minute video where they explain th situation. They are too into themselves and they “fame” they get from social media.

  7. This is why I don’t say relationship goals for any social media couple. You never know what is truly going on. I will stick to the people I know in real life and make them relationship goals before social media couples.
    I personally don’t think you should be hitting each other and in the store at the mall is even worst. The dick maybe good but it ain’t that good where I need to be fighting somebody I say I love everyday. BOY BYE!
    Thank You

  8. This why I don’t like Queens. They do way to much for me. I would’ve been so embarrasses if I was there I would’ve just left. Also it look like one girls who was fight is pregnant Why are trying to fight these them damn boys.

  9. They are a bit confused as it relates to their attractiveness. They both do not look good as fuck as they claim in the Facebook vid. The lighter one is cute, but the darker one needs a reality check…quickly. please do not over infllate to feel better about yourself

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