Stop Sending Me Your Gay Ass DMS! Live Your Life!

i need the work out attentionistos to do the following:

work out
shut up
thirst trap

i don’t need to hear them “think”,
let alone give an opinion.
^that attentionisto who does by @royal_mcmxciii has an opinion.
an opinion about gays/bi sliding in his dms.
he posted this on his ig via a f-bi

playing devil’s advocate,
i woulda thought he was gay:

if he didn’t font that was his girlfriend,
i woulda assumed that was his good “girlfriend”.
he looks like he would be the type to have some alleged “secrets” too.
for him to even post that,
it was a definite

how many:

Β  masculine af
not the stereotype
getting all kinds of pussy

…and still bending/getting bent over have we covered in the foxhole?
as much as they hate the attention,
they need to blame their dl counterparts.

attentionistos who play “straight” all the time,
but stay beatin down the dms of the ones that get their dicks hard.
there is nothing wrong with that per say,
but leave the dissertations for “dear diary”.i tell the hyenas and jackals to stop going in the “straights” dms,
but some of them are truly hard headed.
that would also require some of these attentionistos to wear clothes.

idk what to tell royal.
i do agree with the following comment left under his post tho:


lowkey: its great to be back on the foxhole.
i missed this so much.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Stop Sending Me Your Gay Ass DMS! Live Your Life!

  1. A HA… girl of my own heart. She nailed it. 100% nothing more to be said.

    These closeted sissies are on Instagram posing and strutting their wares on social media. They post ANYTHING for likes..SMFH a place where everyone comment and can see your post. Now he wants to talk Bull shit? Fuck him. He’s a closeted gay ass dude that uses women as beards!!

    GTFOOH Nigga…NEXT!!!

  2. Cry me a river, straight men are as fragile as uncooked spaghetti noodles. I can only imagine all the women that can relate to this but regarding straight men. not all women want that attention let alone a man, if you get my drift.

  3. I agree with him, stop bothering people….unless proving otherwise, stop being thirsty in straight men’s inboxes. He didn’t say anything disrespectful about gays or trans either.

    1. This happened to gay men all the time str8 girls been sending gay men nudes pictures in the dms this happen to a guy I know these str8 girls know he has a husband but they still send him nudes he block these girls off his page

    2. Truth,

      I agree with you and some of the responses are disturbing and feels like a lack of accountability from the individual that are sending and harassing straight males. Also, it seems as though they are trying to use the lawyer rape analysis when somebody is exposing their body. Regardless, if someone is nude or has his or her shirt off, that does not invite you to feel they are seeking sex or want you. They have that right to display themselves in whatever light he or she feels as long as they are not violating you or causing you harm. It is about RESPECT and people need to learn that word and practice it.

  4. I have to agree with him. He wasn’t disrespectful about it, didn’t call anyone out of their name.

    I want too say that, and this is me being honest, SOME gay men take it too far with their comments and lusting.

    Some women aren’t into those pics but some of them are and women do talk about eggplants and all that and men with nice bodies. They like it but unlike gay men, they don’t base everything off of it.

    I’d like too add that, now straight men see how it feels when they catcall and try too run up all in every females ass.

    But he also should be aware of what he’s posting online for folks to see. If you don’t want the DMs, stop posting the pics to prompt them DMs. Set your profile too private. A SECURE man goes and finds a woman that he wants in a public setting, not by online baiting with half naked pics.

    Any man that does the online pic method is most likely an attention whore, who uses likes and comments too boost their egos. I swear, every dude that got muscle thinks he’s a personal trainer.

    Niggas have strong bodies but fragile minds…Don’t they know that a single king of wisdom is mightier than seven powerful fools trying to overthrow a city? πŸ€”

  5. The fact is they’re in the same predicament where they often tell women to put on clothes to be respected.

    Gay men do leave some reckless comments in the comment section so I can only imagine what they send in the dms.

    He does look a bit sweet though.

  6. Can someone inform him that this conversation was last relevant in 2012? 2014 the latest. HeΒ΄s a little outdated.

    I dont see the hype. These guys are cliche

  7. It goes down in the DM’s is a understatement, who needs those gay apps when you have Instagram DM’s. In 2017 my DM’s have been on fire and I am just a regular gym goer and far from an attentionista body so I can only imagine. On the other hand I dont understand why so many of these dudes have to come on IG and tell people to stop the DM’s because you can choose not to answer and ignore and block these comments. I think these gay dudes just see how far they can go because apparently it has worked for some so they keep on trying it. Dudes are always trying to figure out which way I swing in the DM’s. and have said some crazy stuff but I usually laugh and keep it moving. Dudes do think when you take a shirtless pic or pics in your draws, you are down, I notice when I take a body pic my DM’s light up. Most dudes are pretty respectful and I take it as a compliment and say thanks and those that keep on with foolishness, I just ignore. I follow a lot of these attentionista’s and they go on these rants but they keep posting suggestive pics so really if you are that offended delete your account. At the end of the day these attentionista’s want the likes, followers and the attention but they dont want any gay men to say anything but they want their gay dollars for t’shirts and supplements and whatever else they are selling. Well personally this Royal dude dont have to worry about me in his DM’s LOL Im just saying, and also Fukk Str8 dudes feelings oh well that is the price you pay for being on social media. I use to speak up about the disrespect but I realize they will never speak up for anybody else.

  8. First off, what we not gon do is compare someone shooting their shot in DMs to actually raping someone.

    I feel the same way Ive always felt bout this exact bullshit for years…if you TRULY know who YOU are and TRULY have NO problem with gay men, then as a straight man you would treat a gay man hitting on you the same way you would if a particular female (who you may not be interested in) let her down lightly then KEEP IT MOVING. But they have a gay panic if its a guy?

    Going on a gay rant is suspect, period. And it AIN’T about how respectful or disrespecful gay men are, its that they just got a problem with gays IN GENERAL, period.

    Most these ig fitness dudes are thirst trappers and they KNOW it. What does eggplants and you smizing in videos and shit gotta do with your physique. Then they prolly got nudes on tumblr and a connectpal somewhere.

    Gay men be GIVING these mofo their damn fame, bih bye!

    1. “Most these IG fitness dudes are thirst trappers and they KNOW it. What does eggplants and you smizing in videos and shit gotta do with your physique.”

      This!! They post images of themselves under the guise of fitness, but knowing damn well it’s nothing but a thirst trap. Case in point, the other day this dude I follow posted a pic of himself in his underwear with a caption under the pic, “quad workout today”.
      Meanwhile, the only quad showing was a closeup of his abs and big ass bulge.

      Dudes can be disrespectful with their comments, but these dudes need to realize (and I believe MANY of them do) that it’s not too many females checkin’ for them dick/eggplant’s other guys. They love the attention/adoration until it goes too far. The blame can be placed on both sides in this instance, but the majority of it goes to the posters of the pics.

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