I’ve Been Gifted A New Show Addiction (Add To My Other 20)

the foxhole KNOWS i love good tv.
when i’m into a show,
i love to pass it on to those who maybe interested.
i have a lot of free time while i recover from this injury,
i decided to get into another show i didn’t even know came out…


i been holding it in as a “must post” since i started watching.
a foxholer actually put me on to it a while ago.
i been binging “once upon a time”,
but i wanted to change up the flow with other programming.
“the gifted” starts off on a wild ride and doesn’t slow down.
it’s all about the x-men and you know i also love super heros/super powers.
i’m currently on episode 6,
but they are up to 10 right now.
get into it foxhole.
i’m watching it right now on hulu,
but you can tune in every monday at 9pm.
honorable mention:

you can get into “riverdale” first season on netflix.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Gifted A New Show Addiction (Add To My Other 20)”

  1. I was very skeptical about The Gifted, but boy has it delivered. I love the X-Men, so anything involving them, I give a shot. I’m glad it showcases mutants of other capabilities, and that it doesn’t just focus on the Strucker family. The anticipation is on once it returns next year.

  2. Damn, I saw bits of the first episode and it was fire, but I fell off, but yeah this is the joint…I’ma have to try n binge-watch somehow…

  3. Umm why didn’t you tell me you watched it!

    You know we have to discuss everything! Wait until you get to the winter finale!

  4. It’s good. Much better than Agents of Shield, which I gave up on.
    I wonder if they’ll turn bad as the series goes on, because in the Marvel Universe, Fenris (as they are called) are bad guys.

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