Damn You Mona Scott Young! Damn You! (Love and Hiphop Miami)

as the foxhole also knows that i’ve banished reality tv.
thanks to the powers of social media,
i see clips of what i want to see,
but i’m not getting involved with the full nonsense.
i’m not even watch “rhoa” this season.
well i saw the super trailer for “love and hiphop miami” and…

…and it might pull me right out of reality retirement.
i sure have some!

1 – trick daddy…
what the whole fuck?
2 – i hope trina doesn’t ruin herself on this thing.
3 – that dark skinned vixen with the afro is absolutely stunning.
4 – are those spanish drug lords?
5 – prince michael is cute…

if you told me he had some “stories”,
i wouldn’t be shocked,
at all.

either way,
i’m lowkey interested in tuning into this season.
i always say that and end up not watching.
“love and hiphop miami” premieres the 1st day of 2018 at 8pm.
of course.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Damn You Mona Scott Young! Damn You! (Love and Hiphop Miami)

  1. Prince Michael looks so good. He looks like his pussy is amazing! I wanna taste and feel🙊 🙌🏽👅😁👍🏽

  2. This is exactly what the Love & Hip Hop franchise needed. New York, ATL, and Hollywood have been subpar for a while now.

    That Afro-Latina is gorgeous and I’m glad they touched on the anti-blackness that is very underlying and pervasive in Miami. I noticed it as soon as I arrived in the airport there. Latinas there are white washed as fuck.

  3. looks good. and i thought it was no secret that that guy is gay.

    there are a lot of gays on lhhmia actually. men, and women.

  4. Yea, Mona always manages to pull our attention into her mess. The only reason I am watching is because of Trina, but I think I will love that girl with the Afro too. I wanna piece of Prince Michael, he’s fine lol.

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