Tremaine Is Looking Handsome With His New Haircut

i loved-ed-ed tremaine and his jail house bawdy.
so i was over t and his “wolverine” look

i felt like that era for him is over.
well look who got a new hairstyle for 2018…

yes yes yes yes yes.

that is it!
it made him look way younger and fresh faced.
it also looks full and oiled.
he looks happier since he did it too.
these are recent recordings from his event in san francisco:

i’ll allow it.

lowkey: tremaine is so “it” to me.
i don’t know why…
he is getting a lot of love for this new haircut too.
i know what i be talmbout.

videos cc: treyology

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Tremaine Is Looking Handsome With His New Haircut”

  1. Soooooo here for the haircut!!!!!! Probably just me but WHENEVER he cuts his hair he gets a lil thicker and he actually sounds better!

  2. Never mind, Trey was able to pay the bill off in three weeks, I never heard about it being paid once the news broke about him owing over $750,000.

  3. You know me and you see eye to eye about Tremaine, Jamari. In fact, I don’t ramble about too many dudes on your blog, I do every now and then about the dark chocolate ones, but I always got something to say about this one, and I can’t put my finger on it, but he has a spark about him that drives me a little hot.

    I’ll take rough and clean-cut Tremaine as long as he’s

    I think the haircut is really cute on him. Hes going for the new year new look..(I’m totally getting my haircut like him now) Who knows, he may have seen one of your posts and took

    I am not a fan of his music more than I am of just him as a person but I do like a few of his songs..Scratching Me Up, Say Ahh and that one song where you can hear him getting his dik sucked at the end..😓

    1. ^tremaine is everything.
      i been fuckin with him since his first album.
      i played the fuck outta that album.
      i loved “ur behind”,
      “hatin love”,
      and “from a woman’s hand”.
      i pretty much have supported his career,
      but ive always been attracted to him.
      when he came out with “ready”,
      my loins was on fire

    1. *Rushes towards you with a butcher knife!”

      Lol j)k. That’s cool. It’s your opinion. Every dude is not going to be everyone elses cup of tea so it’s no big deal if you find him corny (idk bout the yuck tho.) 😂

      1. OMG!!! THE WAY HE LOOKED UP!! That man is so fine. I’mma be right there with you in a damn coma…(wit one eye still open watching Trey).

        Lets have fun and keep our fingers crossed for our Trey Songz to come into our orbit in 2018…*fingers crossed*

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