beyonce, and break my soul, broke my damn soul (ugh)

i don’t know about you but my soul has been struggling.
for the last 2 years,
it has been a constant reminder of where we are.

Adapting post-Rona and all that is (some of us who lost loved ones)
How the lockdown sent some of us into legit madness
The surge in violence
Our government is on something other than the beaten path
Inflation killing our wallets
Food shortages and a potential recession
Worry about what the future will hold for all of us

we are dealing with a lot right now.
people are trying to find their happiness again.
here comes the resurgence of house and dance records.
i liked drake‘s effort as he experimented with his dance record.
beyonce and her new song,
break my soul,

You won’t break my soul…
You won’t break my soullllll…

i needed to hear those words.
the lyrics legit represent the era of my life atm.
i will not allow my soul to be broken.
i will not let that happen.
needless to say,
i’ve had the song on repeat since this morning.
i’m over “twerk/trap/”kill these pineapples” music.
i don’t want to participate in “sad fox summer” over unrequited love.

I want to dance and feel alive again.

so i want to see AN ERA with this dance/house resurgence.
i want fashion.
i want looks.
i want the vibes.
i want sex.

i want it all.
that is the power of music.
may summer ’22 be THE ERA that turns things around for us. 

lowkey: i had an interesting discussion with cousin hybrid today.
i wanted to share with the foxhole…

i meannnnnnnn…
a lot is happening.
the straight wolves are not skipping leg day to wear short shorts this summer.

what a time to get back to life again.

10 thoughts on “beyonce, and break my soul, broke my damn soul (ugh)

  1. Just watched the video. She looked amazing and there were some cool visuals. Wish she had given us some choreography, especially since it’s a dance track. Still enjoyed it.

  2. I have been very critical of Beyonce in the latter years because I think (by and large) her musical catalog is beneath her talent. But I will give credit here because THIS is the Beyonce that is fun and carefree and if she gives an innovative (but highly choreographed) video, I might actually buy this. But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I hope that her efforts (and Drake’s) bring true dance music back to the front for THIS generation.

  3. Yasss bring me house disco jersey club Bmore club bounce afrobeats and every other feel good over 120 bpm. It’s time to werk and twerk again!

    She understood the assignment and delivered! Her voice is built for sassy bops.

  4. It’s such a uplifting song!!… Love it…It makes u smile and feel good 😊😃❤️☺️🥰🌻💋

  5. Applause ,Applause Applause!!!!!!!!!! This is what I missed ..

    THIS BEY Right here!!!!!!!

    I lived for her Upbeat , Supersonic Destiny’s Child’s/ Early Solos ,Fun Hard Hitting Sound!!! ( yet this is very timely and relevant)

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