saucy santana doesn’t seem to like bey’s new song?

not everyone is going to enjoy all this dance/house music.
saucy santana must have some major beef with beyonce.
she released her new track; he released this allegedly in bey’s direction

i am shocked the hive hasn’t dragged him into a coma.
i guess he is immune to stingers?
or maybe they are supporting him because he is gay?
they dragged keri hilson up on outta here for less.

saucy got spunk.
you gotta give it to him.
i’m absolutely in awe at the balls he got or…

He might be letting us know that those vixens need their props too?

madonna has been done this in the 90s.
why did he choose that bonafide techno song?
benny benassi does techno remixes.
these are better representations:


azealia def made this lane her own as well.
i feel like azealia,
as problematic as she can be,
needs her flowers too.
 saucy is right in that regard.

lowkey: his plan is to go after her because it keeps his name out there?
he is going after a queen and her servants seem to be in shock.

8 thoughts on “saucy santana doesn’t seem to like bey’s new song?

  1. He don’t like Beyoncé but his new song is heavy sampling Crazy In Love, “who else got ass like this”. When she sue his ass, he gon retract everything bas he said about her

    1. Just for clarification the crazy in love instrumental doesnt belong to Beyonce either

      1. I
        Think Betty Wright is responsible for the Crazy In Love sample Beyonce used. But Saucy Santana’s inner ugliness saga continues.

  2. Tired ass queen! He mad mad Beyoncé new song sounds better than him recycling her leftover samples. Where’s the Sandman at to get this clown up outta here?

    1. Okay,,, He mad cos she got “Big Freedia” ( It sounds like ) and NOT his messy Azz.

      I actually was warming up to “Salty” Santana, and his song “Booty”, but he is keeping me on this side of the fence going for Bey and Blue!!

      Why ???? Is he trying to have Jay shut him down before he even crawls to relevancy??

  3. I don’t think anyone is saying Bey did House music first. Others did it before Azealia too. Are we saying that there can’t be several artists within a genre at any given time. Saucy is just desperate for attention.

  4. Some folk will do ANY and EVERYTHING to have their name attached to these celebrities!!! But I ain’t mad atcha….Carry On and Be Great doing it!!!

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