they aren’t clones of each other for #couplesgoals (they be in love tho)

we see a vixen like this and we ASSUME her wolf is fione.
with a bawdy and facial like this,
as gay males,
we ASSUME we would pull the baddest males in all the lands.

I’m here to font you that I’ve seen vixens that look like this dating the dustiest looking males.
I’m here to font you that I’ve seen vixens like this be single too.

we always assume that “fine only dates fine“,
which when you think about it is kinda fucked up.
a foxholer sent me the following video from alicia mccarvell.
it’s literally “oh you thought!” but as a couple…


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she told ya’ll.

what a friend said after she watched:

people need to realize that you can pull anyone you want out here.
i’ve learned there is a social media world and an irl world.

A majority of the time,
people on social media don’t know wtf they be talmbout.

i’m slim af.
when i was younger,
i was a stick.
in the gay world,
we have seen images of males with nice bawdies as the standard.
all foxes need to have fat asses and be bent over a fridge on twitter.
if you are skinny or fat,
or you have no ass or a small dick,
you are “doomed to be single” in this world.
weird because when i look at my past roster,
i’ve only dated or messed with fine wolves.

I’m handsome
I dress nice
I’m kind to people
I’m funny af

I can be sassy af
I’m smart
I can teach you a thing or three
I have good energy
I be with “the vibes”

…and even when i didn’t know those things about me,
because i was insecure af,
pineapples and vixens still thought i was the sexiest.
i got pineapples who STILL lust after me that i haven’t seen in years.

i feel like no matter how you look,
when the connection is there,
it just happens organically.
some people don’t have good attitudes or vibe out in public.
they end up looking or coming off ugly due to how they carry themselves.
that wolf seems really into his wife (keyword: wife):


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don’t get me wrong,
i’ve seen people with others for the wrong reasons.
some folks don’t have the high self-worth to see they are being used.
i have also seen some couples that will make you say:

“How did that happen?”

opposites do attract.
i feel like when someone truly loves you,

they love all of you.
they aren’t asking you to do open relationships either.
YOU are enough and some folks don’t know that.

lowkey: God,
i see what you be doing for others.
can you send me my soulmate,
one in the vision and version in all that i desire and thats good for me.


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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “they aren’t clones of each other for #couplesgoals (they be in love tho)”

  1. I love her.
    I like thick guys with swag, never cared for the pretty boy sculpted profilers. I also like skinny guys with big lips that wear eyeglasses. Nerds and cerebral types are my turn ONS. Perfection is a continuous process and strictly in the eye of the beholder. Porn is so rife with clones. There is no real eroticism in it any longer. Mind fucks are what Cancers are genius at; this is why I had lots of success with men who others believed were out of my league. Kudos Alicia McCarvell.

  2. Great post!!

    True . Many “Attractive ” Gay men tend to date “THEMSELVES”( Mirror Image , Same Tribe )

    I always thought that was weird.

    My Boyfriends/ Significant Others have always physically looked very different from me.

    (You would never mistaken us for Brothers !!!) ha ha ha

    1. I don’t like men that look like my twin never have and it’s one of my grievances with the community because when I first came out I met a guy who said he wanted his partner to look like a “bro” so he couldn’t be clocked in public

      But I’m noticing the arc of gay men thirst trapping and taking gym pics to be more attractive to a potential mate a la “if you can’t beat them join them”

      They want a man so they do everything to change themselves to look like him to fit in and this is a sign of diagnosed narcissism, I recently learned. Narcissist mirror images and personalities to fit in.

      Social media is for sure a calling card for potential suitors which is why everyone who only had Ig flocked go twitter during the pandemic even only fans is inundated with sexworkers who don’t actually like sex they just want to hook up with guys they’re interested in under the guise of “collabs” ( fatkatxxx the one who exposed the preacher tweeted that dick repulses him..)

      But the money and fame is what has them On OF

      Again VISIBILITY

      Even going to pride if the gays stopped going to ATl there would be no drama and fights to report but they have to go to be visible in the scene and to get “chose”

      Again VISIBILITY

      That’s the word of the day. Look like whoever is popular to fit in! And this is the community that says #BEYOURSELF!!!!! But #HAPPYPRIDE right ???

      1. I love when TeaTime and Black is Beautiful post. Y’all be on a similar wave as me and it’s refreshing among the other crabs in a barrel. Everything you said was 1000% real!!! Yes be yourself but fall into our stereotypes so you can find love. LMAO I’m guilty of a few things you said but I would never date anybody that looked like me. I’m not that narcissistic or infatuated with me to want me lol.

        They been together since high school it seems so they have a true friendship that outweighs anything else. I think that’s the point she should have made.

        1. Thank you 🙏🏾 I try to be objective

          I think people in this community will only improve when we have better role models

          This is really the first generation comfortable with coming out at a young age and I want them to be led to a better path

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