is andrew gillum trying to expose his villain arc with this final alleged act?

i actually thought andrew gillum was doing better.
i know he had a podcast and folks moved on from…
you know his past scandal.
( x see it here )
andrew is in the news yet again.
this time he is being hauled up for alleged wire fraud

for those who don’t know what wire fraud is,
as i didn’t either,
this is what i gathered from the nets:

Wire fraud is the use of electronic communication, be it social media, phone, email, even a fax, across state lines with the intent to deceive to make a profit. Wire fraud is a federal crime that can land someone in prison for a maximum 20-year sentence in addition to fines. – per business insider

why do i feel like he fucked with the wrong folks in the political arena?
either someone doesn’t want to remove their paws from his neck

…or Andrew wasn’t as “clean-cut” as he appeared to be.


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i will say that his redemption arc storyline is not looking too good.
i feel like after you go down for something,
you gotta be on your “robert downey jr” climb back up.
you gotta follow all the rules,
dot your “i” and cross your “t”,
and don’t think about jaywalking or not wearing a seatbelt.
it’s worst when you are black.
you are being judged 10 xs worse since we aren’t rewarded privilege.

I dunno what Andrew Gillum is doing out here.

let’s hope,
for his sake,
this is a misunderstanding with his bank.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “is andrew gillum trying to expose his villain arc with this final alleged act?”

  1. We care about this man who cheated on his Black wife with yt trash? No. Girls get in formation

  2. Well, he’s innocent until proven guilty and I pray he’s innocent of the charges. As for the pictures, they feel really staged. I hope he is getting some real counseling around the scandal, his bisexuality, and the marriage. I know he loves his kids and probably his wife, but I also feel like he’s still in a pressure cooker situation.

  3. Duppy know who fi frighten. Only a black man they have energy for. Meanwhile the lousy, race baiting, orange haired white fluff puff Trump and his associates are still free. Fuck the FBI.

  4. Attention Black Folks!!

    In America you cannot get away with what White folks do.. I repeat , YOU CANNOT GET AWAY WITH WHAT WHITE FOLKS DO.

    True. 2 wrongs don’t make a right . I urge you to keep your SH_T Clean!!

    (Especially you politicians)

    1. Black is Beautiful
      I agree. He looks refreshed and so clean clean. Those children and the wife look fabulous in those pics. Andrew will pull through, I hope he will. Pussy mouth DeSantis’s stank face ass is probably behind it.

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