lil nas x comes for bet network’s head and shoulders

i’ve been listening to “montero” from lil nas x more these days.
i’m not a fox that boards the hype train tbh.
when things/people are hyped up,
i back off until everyone has removed whatever it is from their mouths.
this song right hereeeeeeeeee:

so it seems like lil nas x is taking his bet awards snub nicely.

he decided to address it in his new song,
“late to da party” with nba youngboy.


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i legit saw he had a new song via spotify this morning too.
this is the video


bet is a shell of its former self.
it’s not what millenials grew up on.
i’m glad we got to witness it before it shit the bed and floor.
bet was a place for talent to shine.
now it’s…
i don’t even know since i don’t watch anymore.
mtv is another that ruined itself too.
he shouldn’t feel bad bet snubbed him.

say what you want about lil nas x but he gonna troll and make it funny.
he knows how to poke fun at himself and others.

He is the type of personality I fucks with.

 ima say a controversial statement…
he is the type of gay personality i fucks with too.
instead of getting mad at every slight with the straights,
turn it into art.

lowkey: when he came out with “old town road”,
did we think he would be a one and done.
he showed US,
did he not?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “lil nas x comes for bet network’s head and shoulders”

  1. Everything you fonted on MTV and BET is true, who even cares to watch either of these two.
    Big Lez, Tigger, Sheri Carpenter on Planet Grooves, Donny Simpson way back when. The late nights and Nelly swiping credit cards in ass cracks☺️. 106 and Park breaking new artists, those where the days. MTV had its moments. Music is crowded with talentless big jugs- fake ass baby mammies and tomfoolery.

  2. Like I said on my own twitter

    NasX is using pride month to target the “Black” network and frame Black people as homophobic and pit lgbt against the Black community

    You have to watch these types of gays bc these are the ones who don’t like Black men and will use “homophobia and Dl men are toxic” as the reason they dont Date black

    I hope they continue to ignore him

    You won Grammys why you even worried about a BET award if it’s such trash caliber?

    When iggy was nominated Nicki attended and winked in the audience and accepted her award like a champ

    I’ve seen more rants about “why is Jack Harlow nominated” in the last 3 weeks than I saw outcry wondering why iggy was nominated let’s not be dishonest . NasX felt his Grammy win entitled him to a BET Nomination

    Mind you the album came and went !! The singles were hot but for whatever reason bet ain’t nominate them

    Ok and Trina ain’t got a Bet Award either where’s her twitter trend? Where’s her diss track?

    1. I
      Felt his objection is just overkill and bad publicity for the fools flocking to
      Mother Nas X.☺️ Just like the Boosie beef, it’s not real. Maybe BET paid him to diss the awards to Garner publicity for that boring ass show they are gonna televise. I too, wondered, why he would give two tears in a bucket that he wasn’t nominated, considering the other awards & honors conferred.🙀

  3. I thought maybe GLAAD or somebody would have joined him in this crusade by now. This feels contrived and as fake as everything else he does. I’m not interested in listening to his music because he just doesn’t do anything for me personally but I’m glad he’s found an audience and supporter in you Jamari.

  4. BET snubbed themselves. When they allowed Beyoncé to be a joke when she brings them ratings, that’s when they went to shit. Granted Beyoncé is not everything but she does pack a punch in the ratings so you do anything possible to make sure those ratings stay they. She hit they ass hard and they never recovered. Boycotted the awards for almost 5 years. Gave them a fan youtube video as a special appearance (or they could’ve been shady and did it themselves since she didn’t show up), had them promote her just to give them a 3 min performance and give MTV a 15 minute Concert. She hasn’t been back since. BET has shitted on a lot of artists with their many technical difficulties and this last awards was full of them.

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