mario and omarion was more a night of “regrets and blunts” on verzuz?

i feel like verzuz was better when it was more intimate.
two people,
in their selected spaces,
battling it out between two screens on our phones.
now we are #backoutside and they have an audience,
it’s kinda…
the luster has been lost in what made it great.
r&b singing wolves,
mario and omarion,
had their #verzuz battle last night.
i forgot all about it but this is what i saw in regards…

omarion and his brother,
assaulted watermelons:

i don’t know what ray j is doing here:

and can someone explain to me why jerimah is struggling to find his note?

omarion did the usual “flex to hard” and it backfired.
he was actually “bothered” and it showed.
mario ended up winning.
i feel like mario never got his flowers and he has outstanding music.
not only that,
but he has kept his bawdy stacked over the years:


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his nose >>>

i kinda hate how this exposed a majority of artists i grew up with.
i had to wonder

… could half of these wolves really sing or were we blinded by abs,
and lust?

lowkey: can it top this mess?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “mario and omarion was more a night of “regrets and blunts” on verzuz?”

  1. I’m just gonna sit back and wait for these comments….I didn’t watch any of the show….but I’m gonna sit here and sip my wine and wait for the comments 😊😃😃😊😊🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

  2. I enjoyed watching it all.. comedy, music, dancing and mess. I was thoroughly entertained. Mario deserves more than what he gets because he’s fione and can flat out sang! Sammie deserves a lil bit more too cuz he was the best thing about the opening act. Omarion is a dancer and he stayed in his lane which I respect, he has the hits though and I’m surprised he didn’t dip into his B2K bag more. Everybody else is and was a joke! Tank low key gave the best vocals in 5 secs.

    Ray was so salty that they sung One Wish better. Bobby V was doing the most with his non singing ass. I miss the music era of my youth.

    1. Exactly. Omarion is a DANCER. Vocals have never been his strong point, B2K or solo. He is one of those singers, like Justin, who sounds like you’re squeezing their balls when they sing. Mario kicked that azz because even though he is a bit whiny/nasal as well, his vocals were stronger than Omarion.

  3. Jamari, stawwwwwp. I always wanted Mario’s nose somewhere on my body. 😍

    One of his songs would destroy Chris Brown (an Omarion who got lucky) so idk why Chris wants to go against Usher.

    Chris vs Trey makes more sense. Both rip shirts off to distract from shaky vocals.

  4. The standards for male R&B after 2000s became shirtless cusing bad boy. Instead of lyrics that made you blush, it’s lazy gonna f*ck you laziness.

    R&B used to be vocals that made you shiver. Now it’s nasal, squeaky talk singing trying to be about that life. R&B singers were poets and they’re trying too hard to be cool. Making a woman faint is cool smh

  5. Opening Act? This looked more like a bad collaboration of Love & Hip-Hip. All of them starting a group called RSVP and they battling Ray J… why? Its called Verzuz not Verzuz and them too.

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