mario and omarion was more a night of “regrets and blunts” on verzuz?

i feel like verzuz was better when it was more intimate.
two people,
in their selected spaces,
battling it out between two screens on our phones.
now we are #backoutside and they have an audience,
it’s kinda…
the luster has been lost in what made it great.
r&b singing wolves,
mario and omarion,
had their #verzuz battle last night.
i forgot all about it but this is what i saw in regards…

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mario posts a thirst trap and the secret to whiter teeth

what happened to mario?
he just up and vanished from the “r&b” scene.
my favorite song of his will always be:

i have legit listened to that song on repeat all day once.
i’ve seen some interesting thirst traps in my foxhole life.
straight wolves will do anything,
and i mean anything,
to let you know they are packing in the front and back.
what about whitening your teeth?
this is where mario comes in.
this is what a foxholer sent me…
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I Got Somebody Else… and I’m Leaving You.

tumblr_mpoptwu7bv1qecroco1_500she looks so good.
she looks her best when she’s toned down.
i was looking at her the entire time while watching the video.
sorry mario.
mario premiered his new song,
“somebody else” with nicki minaj,
and the shit goes hard body…

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another round…

he is a singer wolf.
not really as big than his other peers,
but he has had a few hits.
he has an amazing voice.
saw him in person and he is attractive.
he just wants to love you

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first of all,
i want to say i love you guys.
those answers to that last battle were so good.
i want to say i appreciate everyone who took time to respond in detail.
i love reading opinions of why people like something.
anyway good round ahead.


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