another round…

he is a singer wolf.
not really as big than his other peers,
but he has had a few hits.
he has an amazing voice.
saw him in person and he is attractive.
he just wants to love you



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: (60)”

  1. How come no one told me he was stacked in the back like that? I don’t listen to his music that much but I have always liked him. The picture up top with him and the guitar is hot. I would lay it on him whenever he wanted it.

  2. Oh yeah! I would definitely lay Mario down and have my way with him. Body is hot and his ass is nice and juicy! Nice lips and nipples for sucking!

  3. I have always thought that it was something so sexy about this young man and I got some inside FB-I info from one of my good friends in LA who saw him at the gym one day in the shower. He told me that Mario is beyond blessed downstairs to the point that if he did not sing he could easily be a porno star. He has the kind of sexy that you might not really notice at first but then it sneaks upon you, hope he makes a big comeback.

    1. Well then he’s blessed from the front and the back. The Foxes can have the dick, and the Wolves can have all that ass. He has enough ass to feed a lot of men.

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