A$AP Rocky Says He Doesn’t Give A “F” If You Are A Fox, Wolf, or Hybrid

well okay then…

12/12/12 is off to a GREAT start.
i’m glad more a$ap rocky spoke up about this.
an f-bi sent me an old article on his stance about gays and hiphop.
thought this was a good read

“I don’t give a f— about your business,” ASAP Rocky tells Spinner. “Man, if you’re gay we can be friends. If you’re straight, we can be friends. I’m not gay, I don’t plan on being gay, I don’t condone it and I’m not sayin’ I’m against it. I really don’t give a f— and I don’t think anyone should care about what another man’s preference is… unless he’s interested, if you know what I’m sayin’.”

ASAP Rocky’s quick to point out that he’s an ardent heterosexual (he’s reportedly dating LA rapper Iggy Azalea). But it shouldn’t matter if he wasn’t.

“Who gives a f—?” he continues. “I like women. I love women. I’m not going to not be your friend because you like men. As long as you’re a great person and, aside from that, y’know, you don’t bother me and make me uncomfortable, then let’s be friends, dude.

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t see people for being gay. People need to leave gay people the f— alone. Like, who cares? If you still care about s— like that you need to just hang yourself like the rest of them KKK motherf—ers. For real. Who gives a f—?”

What bothers ASAP Rocky most is that he figures things like homophobia are bad for his music.

“I’m not saying that hip-hop needs gay rappers or anything,” he says, “but they need to stop being so close-minded because that will just cause the genre to fail. Look at pop. Pop doesn’t discriminate against people. Look at Lady Gaga, y’know what I mean? Who the f— makes the rules for hip-hop? Who the f— dictates who’s cool and who’s not? F— you.”

ASAP Rocky figures there are better reasons to hate someone than who a person chooses to have sex with, and he feels hip-hoppers should be more accepting.

“[Hate a person] because they’re a thief or a bad person,” he says. “Don’t hate ’em for what they choose to do, because they make decisions on their own time what they choose to do. I don’t care and it’s like f—ed up that hip-hop is so retarded. They don’t want to accept nothing.”


he is from harlem.
that is d/l central.
he better be accepting by now.

ya know…
i don’t see people as homophobic as back in the day.
maybe times have changed?
peopel are becoming more tolerant?
or are they starting to realize we run this?
we tend to be very talented,
and when we focus on things other than sex,
we can move mountains.
we are bosses,
and can be in charge of a career in the entertainment industry.
some are out.
some are in.
same rules apply.
we tell you what to wear,
what’s in,
and what’s not.
we have ruined the careers of many.
so in other words:

don’t fuck with us.
a$ap rocky knows the deal.
these others better get hip.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “A$AP Rocky Says He Doesn’t Give A “F” If You Are A Fox, Wolf, or Hybrid”

  1. Red flags:

    He used the phrase “I don’t condone” in the same sentence stating that he isn’t against it. Also as long as you don’t bother him or make him uncomfortable then you can be friends…

    Fuck all that. I’ve heard it all before. Let me be a friend instead of your “gay” friend or “Black” friend and we’ll be just fine.

    He was inarticulate in this article–as a rapper you’d think he could string a couple of coherent sentences together. I guess not.

    1. Icee, Im with you, I caught that I dont condone it shit, who the fuck needs you to condone anything, thats almost as bad as whites who say I have black friends. Thanks to this site, is even the reason I know who he is, so he was right in saying that you have to appreciate your gay fans. It would have went over better if he left the ” oh its ok, but Im not gay” stance along, we get it bro, you not gay.

    2. This is essentially how I felt as well. What he’s saying is a bit contradictory in and of itself. I got what he was saying, it just wasn’t said well.
      That said, I appreciate him at least commenting on it in a relatively positive way.

      Also, things are changing because our generation, in general, is a lot more accepting of differences. The baby boomers are getting older and the old guard is slowly being phased out. 20 years from now, the acceptance of gays won’t really be an issue.

  2. Good for him. More rappers should be more open minded (not just in private but also in public) about the gay community! One thing that jumped out at me is “I dont plan on being gay,” I got a little chuckle out of that, because neither did I, but here I am lol!

    1. Yea I didn’t plan on it either, but ever since I’ve realized that I was bi it has kinda grown on me a little bit. If I woke up tomorrow morning as a straight man I might be mad lol.

  3. he’s a versatile, he needs to give up that fake I’m straight and I beat iggy’s pussy up all day charade and come to terms with his inner frank ocean

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