“I’m A Messy Queen… And You Are Too.”

i have followed this breezy wolf vs frank ocean throw down on various sites.
the comments have been…
well, you know.
it’s fan vs fan.
people are bringing up breezy’s violent past.
one he will never live down until he dies.
the thing that is striking me the most is that everyone is saying how much a messy queen frank ocean is.
they are also saying how,in a general sense,
that gays are just messy period.
that means you,
it means me,
hell it means every fox/wolf/and hybrid in this lifestyle.
i had to ask myself if they are right to make such an assumption?
is it stereotyping?
are they right?
it’s sad when i have to agree and i can’t even argue.
does that make me a bad person?
i had to wonder…

Will gays always be labelled messy queens?

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The Land of the Bisexuals; Population 10.

i noticed something.
i wonder if you have noticed it too.
every wolf/hybrid/or fox on a chat site is “bisexual“.
usually online when someone puts there are bisexual,
you are expecting them to come looking like they are fresh out of cell block “d”.
i guess it’s the masculine fantasy some of us crave.
honesty minute.
if my wolf happens to be bi,
then I need you to be a hardcore bisexual.
if i say to you one night that i want to see you fuck a vixen,
i want you to know what to do with her.
not bring her over and look like another fish out of water.

“who does your hair?”
“your shoes are gorge. cl?”
“let me tell you about that bitch on real housewives of atlanta honey…”

those are absolute violations that will have you thrown out of my crib.
the ones who say they are “gay” usually look like gigantic queens,
whereas the ones who are playing “bi” look like they are playing a role.
i can see the appeal.
a lot of these new age online bisexuals aren’t really bi at all.

they say no man can ever be bisexual.
it wouldn’t “work out“.
once he gets a taste of some dick in those cheeks,
or has stuck his pipe in between,
the flood gates have been opened.
why is it a vixen can go both ways and it be labelled “sexy” or “trendy”?
she can eat pussy from sun up to sun down and completely only crave dick after.
is it really a myth that vixens are the masters of bisexuality?
why is this?
is it something in the vixen mind that allows them to genuinely like both?
as men,
can our dicks really get hard for both?

or is saying we are bi easier than saying we are completely gay?
i had to ask…

Can a man really be bisexual?

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If A Gay Dude Ever Complimented Me, I’ll Punch His Head Off His Shoulders


… is a funny thing.
you think as much as gays are starting to become accepted,
some asshole goes and fucks it up.
personally, i think straight wolves should be flattered.
both sexes want to fuck you?
shit you must be fine.
or playing a great “straight“.
i often wondered if it’s true that men who are homophobic are really gay?
are they just suppressing their desires?
men who were molested when they were younger?
or do they really just genuinely hate that “fag” shit?
this makes for great DL examples of the past, present, and future.
i wonder…

Is homophobia just a stop away to gay town?

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Repent from fornication and immoralities. Homosexual-ism, porn your body is the temple of the lord , God wants you to make heaven not hell , repent !!change a word is enough for the wise.

(let’s add the comment i ironically got after from gilbert:

We americans are finished and shameful to nature — God will descend on us soon — its high time we repented of immoral acts especially you gay folks – repent now and live right- use your brain to think.)


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A$AP Rocky Says He Doesn’t Give A “F” If You Are A Fox, Wolf, or Hybrid

well okay then…

12/12/12 is off to a GREAT start.
i’m glad more a$ap rocky spoke up about this.
an f-bi sent me an old article on his stance about gays and hiphop.
thought this was a good read

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Boris Kodjoe Was The Dancing King In An Atlanta Gay Club

the jokes…
i’ll b good.

so imagine if you walked into a gay club in atlanta…
(for some reason you thought you were headed to benihanas but your friends made a detour)
so after ducking into a dim lit section,
boris kodjoe was standing next to you?

my first thought:

“i can drop my friends and meet him outside in 5 minutes…”

but that is just a fantasy.
boris was actually in a gay club couple weeks ago and was getting his boogie oogie on…
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