“I’m A Messy Queen… And You Are Too.”

i have followed this breezy wolf vs frank ocean throw down on various sites.
the comments have been…
well, you know.
it’s fan vs fan.
people are bringing up breezy’s violent past.
one he will never live down until he dies.
the thing that is striking me the most is that everyone is saying how much a messy queen frank ocean is.
they are also saying how,in a general sense,
that gays are just messy period.
that means you,
it means me,
hell it means every fox/wolf/and hybrid in this lifestyle.
i had to ask myself if they are right to make such an assumption?
is it stereotyping?
are they right?
it’s sad when i have to agree and i can’t even argue.
does that make me a bad person?
i had to wonder…

Will gays always be labelled messy queens?

the details of this fight have not emerged yet.
already people are assuming.
i have even heard someone say maybe frankie came on to breezy wolf.
frank doesn’t come off messy,
from what i have witnessed.
again: i don’t really know his background.
i’ve heard that he is starting to smell himself a lot.
he has changed since his mix tape.
he has gotten new money.
new teeth.
new car.
aside from that,
no reports of him being extra.
he keeps a low profile,
besides that white snow model fox he is supposedly dating.

besides the two or three random gay friends i have,
then my wonderful readers who show me they were raised right,
i don’t feel comfortable being around too many gays.
i have said it before.
i usually hang with a lot of straight people.
i hate that i can’t meet normal men in this lifestyle who are genuine.
it has nothing to do with hating myself.
i am a very open person and i love to meet new people.
what i don’t like is drama.
i hate he say/she say.
i don’t want to feel like i can’t tell you shit without it being all over town.
or telling the nosy ass vixens who just want dirt.
is that wrong?

even on this site,
i have been bullied and harassed for things that i like.
it’s one thing to disagree with someone.
it’s another to disagree and then harass and attack people for their opinions.
some days i feel like “cancel account” and moving on.
i know i can’t because i would let so many people down and i don’t want that.
plus i’m not going to let someone run me outta town.
i’m here to stay baby so get use to it.
i’m passionate about this site and what i do.
outside of this site,
it’s a shame people don’t want to lift you up when you are down.
there is no one to protect you and fight with you.
many times,
it feels like me against the world.

so when straight people are calling frank ocean “a messy queen”,
due to assumptions,
can we even really get mad?
you gotta think if you were in the situation,
and you were 110% RIGHT,
would they put that scarlet “MQ” on your chest too?

it made me think about this lifestyle and assumptions.
have we created this terrible “assumption” about ourselves?
even if we carry ourselves like kings,
would we still get looked at like jokers?
it’s no doubt that gay men can be vicious,
but why is this?
we don’t have to fuckin’ fight everyone.
you wanna know some real shit?
we literally are judged worst than serial killers and child molesters by straight people.
even if you are masculine,
you are still lumped in with the trash.
people will ignore you and treat like you shit if they know you are gay.
really stop and think about that.
isn’t that sad?

the only place i feel connected is on the site.
i can honestly say we have each other’s backs.
i see some of you getting on these asshole’s who try and overthrow what has been building slowly.

why can’t THAT happen in real life?
i had to ask…

Are you messy?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on ““I’m A Messy Queen… And You Are Too.””

  1. Honestly,some generalizations about a group of people are just true.

    Am I messy? Not really, but I definitely have the capacity to be messy.

    I also possess the ability to verbally assassinate you as well, which is a quality a lot of gay men also have…I believe that refer to it as “reading”.

    So what? Own it. Some qualities are permeable within a culture.

  2. Ugh sigh, it’s people’s perception of this lifestyle. People class every person in a ethnic group or social lifestyle together I.e all blacks are loud and lazy, all whites are raciest, and all Asians are smart and good in math. I try to show that all bi/gay men can be men I like sports, I don’t wear women’s clothes, I’m not messy, and I definitely don’t like to be around mess but I’m not every man in this lifestyle. People are gona think what they wana think regardless of what we do. As far as the people who come on this site just to hate….. Fuck them with a capital F. Jamari this is when you need to let the niggro come out. You have two hand and they have two hands if they wana see you they know where to find you and me for that matter. We can box easly

    1. It seems everyone is identifying the wrong party as the “messy queen?”

      ?Makes you wonder what the angry issues is really about?

    1. Ummmm I’m not putting on the web. I’m not a jackel lol. Plus u in Texas and I’m coming to Dallas in march to go job searching

      1. I know I’m so tired of Louisiana. I just need to stack some money first just can’t move. But yea I’m going to put my resume in and see what happens

  3. Stereotypes will be around forever lol. Gays will be stereotyped as messy queens as long as black people are labeled lazy, ghetto, and the millions of other words they use to stereotype us.

    I’m definitely not messy. I stay to myself a majority of the time. When people tell me personal things that go on in their lives, I keep it to myself and usually forget it. I don’t start drama nor do i go around looking for it.

  4. If we all are messy or not, gays will always be seen as messy, and the stereotypes have a lot to do with that. If we were straight men, and a person asked us what do we think of when we think of gay men? We would probably say, a feminine man who is loud and out of control, but we know that is not true. Some guys are but all of us aren’t, so when I hear a person say that, it just goes in one ear and out the other.

  5. I can tell you that their are many messy queens and it gets us all jaded and its sad that we can never come together and be happy for one another, but too me most black str8 men are just as messy and catty even more so than gay men. They hide behind their straightness, but str8 men gossip just as much as any gay dude or women, but its just slicker. I cant tell you how many str8 married dudes I see at the Barbershop who talk about reality shows and talk about things I never heard men talk about when I was growing up. Things have changed so much, so we as a society are all messy. I think gay men are just more animated and many flamboyant queens are messy because it brings them attention. I know that when you are oppressed your whole life its easy to turn on people just like you, we are harder on other gay men than we are ever on the str8 men just a self hate self fulfilling prophecy.

    Jamari, I am so glad you drop that nugget about how str8 people really feel about us thinking we are worse than serial killers, and are all child molesters. We often fool our self thinking that we have come far, which we have, but in Black America, we are judged harshly, I have heard so many str8 people say the most terrible thing about gay people because they thought I was str8 so people who I had respect for showed their true colors. I know many str8 mothers who support their sons having babies by different women out of wedlock, doing drugs, being abusive toward their women and children, but they will uphold this behavior but will turn their back on a gay child. I have seen this with my own eyes. So at the end of the day, most gay dudes wont catch a break with the str8 world, so its disheartening how bad we treat each other.

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