The Retired Baller Wolf Who Beat Up His Boyfriend Over…..

we talk so much about the good looks and other things of these baller wolves,
i’m about to bring you to the dark side.
the dark side of any relationship actually.
everyone meet kwame harris.

retired baller wolf.
he beat his boyfriend down.
over soy sauce.
you heard right.
soy sauce…

Kwame Harris, a former NFL offensive tackle, made a pretrial appearance in court Monday on charges that he assaulted a former boyfriend in a disagreement over soy sauce and underwear.

Harris, who played five seasons for the San Francisco 49ers (2003-07) and one for the Oakland Raiders (2008), is charged with felony counts of domestic violence causing great bodily injury and assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury from an incident which occurred in August. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Harris, who pleaded not guilty in the fall, appeared Monday in San Mateo County Superior Court and is scheduled to face trial in April.

The alleged victim, Dimitri Geier, who was romantically involved with Harris prior to the altercation but not when it occurred, also has filed a civil suit.

According to court documents, Harris and Geier were at Su Hong restaurant in Menlo Park when “Plaintiff (Geier) put soy sauce on a plate of rice, which upset Defendant (Harris).”

The documents continue to state the following:

“Defendant argued with Plaintiff over the incident for approximately seven minutes and then proceeded to exit the restaurant. Plaintiff stayed inside the restaurant and continued eating. A few minutes later, Defendant returned and informed Plaintiff he would not drive him to the airport and informed Plaintiff that he was going to throw Plaintiff’s belongings out of his (Defendants’) car. Plaintiff agreed to take a cab to the airport and informed Defendant that he would remove his belongings from Defendant’scar.While exiting the restaurant, Defendant began to push Plaintiff and tried to pull Plaintiff’s pants down, accusing Plaintiff of stealing his (Defendant’s) underwear. Plaintiff tried to leave the restaurant and Defendant followed Plaintiff into the parking lot outside, where the Defendant continued to push Plaintiff and attempted to pull Plaintiff’s pants down.”

The document also states that Harris is accused of punching Geier in the head as well, breaking several bones in his face.

Harris faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.



check his mug shot:

he looks like he was crying.
not to mentioned aged about 20 years.

what in the world?!
soy sauce and underwear?
please don’t use the “baller” song and dance.

someone right now is getting beat up by a regular joe.
i think that is one of my biggest fears.
meeting anyone and thinking i’m in love.
next thing you know this mofo is handing me my ass every night.
can’t even blink without a slap in the face.
i would hate to have to go to jail for killing him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Retired Baller Wolf Who Beat Up His Boyfriend Over…..”

  1. I’m just glad that there is a recent professional athlete that has been exposed as being gay! They really do exist!!! 😉

  2. Damn, and he’s only 30y/o…WTF?!?! This nigga looks at least 43… He’s 6’7″, and 322 lbs (when he was pro). AND he’s from Jamaica… And why did I read that the incident happend back in August??

      1. He looks like a big, tall, greasy old ass man. The before pic was a sore for sight eyes.

        Who in the hell whoops ass over soy sauce and drawls? Dimitri got chrome dome for what?

        Athletes with roid rage and borderline personalities aren’t worth.

        Don’t understand physically abusive or verbally abusive relationships.

        I WISH A ______ WOULD!

  3. Idk if he’s tlkn about this but, this is all some funny and sad shit…. the only thing im taking from this is that there are really gay ballers out there…..

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