I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (10)

wha part of atlanta dis is right here?
so a hood mother and her friends decided to harass a security guard.
he had what they were looking for…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8DF2tBpSm0]

this made me sad.
those kids had to witness that.

i wont lie…
i LOL’d at the noise she made when she was getting tased.
she fell like a tree.
anyone notice that her big friend in blue backed her shit all the way up?
she blended in that crowd real quick.

15 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (10)

  1. Females kill me when they want to be all big and bad then when shit go down they holla I’m a female! Really!!! No your not you the muthafucka that wanted a piece and when you get a piece you want to be a female….Fuck outta here!!

  2. I feel so sorry for that guy. I hope he is still alive. They will kill him. No reason for any of that. Smh

    1. is it something in the water these ppl drinking omg. I would feel so ashamed to get told to leave a store american blacks different. Plus you can always tell the unemployed they have nothing better to do than to fight with this poor rent a cop fighting to make a honest day work. Stueps

  3. That happen right over near near the Underground ATL, it’s like a ghetto mall strip over there. I actually like shopping there when I feel like being a hoodrat for a day. They have some really nice stuff for dirt cheap. SMDH at the lady in the video. That is what she gets!

  4. Why must I cry, to think of how hard my ancestors had to work in cotton fields and all the disrespect they had to endure to make a better life for me to be able to at least be able to live the American dream and it has come to my people acting complete deranged idiots in front of their children no less. This is sad on so many levels, but we have so many people in our communities who act just like this. Those poor kids are on a fast track to juvenile detention and eventually prison because she is already teaching them not to have any respect for authority figures, so it will be nothing for her to curse out teachers, principals, coaches, mentors etc until they start disrespecting her and she will then cry out WHY. Let me not start on the man, why would he not check her before this even happened and those bad ass kids. I hate to see violence of any kind but sometimes you can show a BITCH, better than you can tell them.

  5. LOL!!!! the kids were so gangster until their mom got stunned by the gun…. its sad though that they were encouraging the kids to call the man gay and a faggot. It would be mad funny if the boys grown into some real queens later on in life…

  6. These are the “Dark Ages” for many African Americans. I wonder if they would fight that hard to get their children in a great school? Would they fight that hard to stop Black-on Black crime in their community?

  7. Wow, so many botched abortions…

    When I think of Black people, none of these creatures come to mind–ever.

    The ancestors didn’t survive for this.

    Why are they not ashamed? Walking tragedies should be quiet, but they are always loud and wrong.

    1. ^is it just me or could I not understand a word she was saying?
      and why were her kids calling him gay?
      way too many things wrong with that video.
      her baby daddy was one of them.
      he now wants to fight?
      where was he before?
      I got the impression she is probably up in his face too.
      that day she did it with the right one.

  8. I’ve said it time and again. I think that some people need to acquire a license to have / raise children. My mother used to always tell us that little kids should be seen and not heard or Little kids have no business in grown folks business. That woman showed zero parenting skills; allowing her kids to disrespect an adult like that is unacceptable.

  9. So the “father” waited until the woman was tased to step in? He should have shut his kids up when they were disrespecting the man. This is horrible. And the two women did not make the situation any better with their hood rat behavior.

    Is this what we have to look forward to in the future?

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking!!!! The father didn’t see anything wrong with the mom acting a fool in front of the children and not showing them how to respect other adults, but it’s a problem when the officer defended himself?

      The Guard probably should have tased the children as well so they can know their place next time…next time they will think twice, since their parents are not going to show them and I’m pretty sure that the rest of Atlanta and myself included are taking care of her and her hood rat children through the state. So everybody in that works in Atlanta including the security guard have a right to tell her children to get it together!

  10. When I saw this earlier, I have to admit that it brought me GREAT joy! hehehehe…
    Living in the ATL, I witness this type of ratchetness often. It’s like, take your stankin’ ass home! These type of women are the reason that those little kids grow up to be Chief Keef and all the other low life hoodrats and niggas! I don’t think there is really hope for these section of society. They are bred to act like this! It’s a multi-generational construct that has poisoned the waters! DON’T DRINK THE WATER!

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