Who Knew Taraji P Henson Had An 18 Year Old Son?

i love me some taraji.
she has come a long way and i’m proud of her success.
i knew she had a kid,
but i didn’t know he was eighteen.
is it disrespectful to say her son is… handsome?
no offense t!…

her son,
marcel henson,
is the new model for square bear clothing.

i like that varsity he is wearing.
he looks like a model tho.
watch him be the new “hot guy of tumblr” pretty soon.
the foxes love a good reblog.

peep the clothing of square bear

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Who Knew Taraji P Henson Had An 18 Year Old Son?

  1. Oh yea I knew he was 18 ;-). I been knew about her son too. He is what my type looks like. When you are my age most guys are this size, except the athletes. Yea, he can get it.

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