YOUR 55TH THOUGHT: “Make An Ass Out A Donkey” (55)

i dont know if you guys watched this show last night,
but they made some good idiot tv.
kenya moore is on a roll these last few weeks.
she is waking up a show i once thought was completely boring.
she had some stuff to say about phaedra in her rhoa blog…

The Bipolar Accusations


“He who filches from my good name robs me of that which not enriches him but makes me poor indeed.” – William Shakespeare

Agree or disagree, laugh or cry, hate or love… right is right and wrong is wrong. When a person deliberately maligns your reputation by starting vicious rumors about you to anyone who will listen, they are the one who has a problem.

Undoubtedly with malice, Phaedra repeatedly and intentionally slanders and defames me with unfounded and untrue statements. All as punitive action when she learned of my intentions to make my own fitness video.  I have never been drunk a day in my life. Yet Phaedra wants everyone to believe I “drink like a fish.” Phaedra asserts that she believes I am bipolar or have a chemical imbalance. The only thing that makes me “crazy” is that I ever believed this woman was my friend. She is a malicious, despicable human being, who intentionally sought to malign my reputation and harm my future business with herdebasing lies.


I believe I have seen Phaedra’s cold black heart. From her actions alone, this is a woman who will say anything and tell any lie in order to achieve a favorable outcome for herself. This must end. I believe people can see who she really is. With me, I don’t try to hide. I keep it real. It is what it is. That being said, when people show you who they are, believe them. Phaedra is a walking, talking hypocrite.  She wants to say I’m unstable, however, in actuality, she is the one who looks shady and duplicitous obviously lying to hurt me because we had a business falling out.

Yes, I am dramatic and I wanted to make a point. STOP SPREADING YOUR VINDICTIVE LIES. Business is business. I never attacked Phaedra personally. For her to go to extremes to hurt me was uncalled for. Therefore, in rare form, I let her have it plain and simple and spoke the truth, which she nor anyone else can deny. On another note, I told NeNe beforehand that I was going to come to the event with a dramatic entrance and outfit, and as shocking as it was, NeNe could only laugh. Got to love a girl who can laugh. I’m done with this. Whether people agree with my methods or not, you cannot disagree with the validity of my truth and the facts.

I encourage anyone who has symptoms of depression, feelings of hopelessness, inability to focus, not taking pleasure in any activity or rarely feeling happy, extreme mood swings, violent behavior, loss of control, please do not feel afraid to seek professional help. You do not have to suffer alone. There is help for you. Additionally, most health insurance providers pay for counseling and medical treatment and there are non profits organizations who offer free counseling as well.

Here are a few links: NIMH · HomeSuicide Prevention Awareness | Know the Warning Signs of Suicidal Behaviorwww.thehelpgroup.orgNAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness – Mental Health Support, Education and Advocacy.

I encourage all women to watch the next episode airing February 10, 2013. This is a very important episode that I hope will empower and encourage other women and possibly save lives and cope with life-threatening issues.

Be well. Live well. Live your own truth. We only have one life. Live it to its fullest. Dance like no one is watching. And be Gone With The Wind Fabulous!



that was a mouthful lol…


what is your first thought?

lowkey: kenya moore is always trending every week on twitter.
she must be doing something right.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “YOUR 55TH THOUGHT: “Make An Ass Out A Donkey” (55)”

    1. ^i hope she has plans of being a reality show member.
      she doesn’t have the eh for hollywood anymore.
      this show has completely made her look crazy and strange.
      you never know tho,
      they said the same about britney and she bounced back.
      time will tell…

      1. I get a kick out of seeing where they are filming since most of the restaurants and clubs are OTP. But the big laugh was when Kenya meet Ms. Lawrence ar Burkhats. That had to be the first time he had even been in that bar which caters to mature men. LOL In fact back in 1998 you could find two of the current husbands creeping there.

  1. My first thought; what is wrong with this woman? Last night I was like “what in the fuck?” I can’t believe she walked into a charity even looking like that. The pads made it worse.

  2. Ever since Apollo starting speaking and revealed his lack of ass in Anguilla, kinda stopped tuning in regularly.

    How you gonna muscular with no ass at all? It bothers me. Ed Hartwell set the tone for husbands.

    Did watch last night though. Kenya is acting, she was funny as hell last night so was Porshe it’s all comedy.

    Love & Hip Hop fills my ratchet quota though. I think Erica Mena is a strict top, but don’t quote me.

  3. I saw that Foolishness and even though I disapprove of Kenya entrance and act, she spoke the truth….Phaedra is the wrong one in this whole situation. I’ll be damn if I set up a deal and not receive anything off the backend, that’s just like saying ill write you a hit song and you can have all the proceeds….we all know the writer gets the most money so why should Kenya not receive any proceeds on the deal when she wrote it?

  4. I’ve never seen the show, nor do I want to see such foolishness. My people, my people – is this the way we like to be seen to the rest of America and the world?

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