This Cannot Be Kanye West…

tumblr_nn4g2moLAn1tn7y1vo1_540…tell me this picture is a bad photoshop.
if you are my foxhole,
you already know what my first thought of this picture was.

YOUR 64th THOUGHT: (64)

kmichelleflowers-1370285546well it happened tonight…
what we where waiting for went down.
i wanted to see how mimi would have reacted.some flowers to the head requires a prompt ass whuppin’.
did mimi do it?…

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the game premiered for their sixth season tonight.
i know you guys were excited about that.
derwin said bye.
ciara is on it.
lauren london isn’t a “new new“.
my latest prey:


… made his debut.
i got the first episode below for the foxhole…

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